Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A merry Christmas to all...

Our first Christmas back in America. It was wonderful and it was Bunkers first Christmas. We opened presents before the sun even came up. I got Curious by Britney Spears perfume (one of my favorites), a Nexus 7 tablet (that I got to open early and love), a pink tablet case, comfy pink pajamas from my Mom (wearing them now, love them), and money. Steve got his Emergency food bucket, a Hickory Farms package with meats, cheese, crackers and this really good mustard spread (good find, Crystal, good find), a few gift cards as well as money from family also. The fur kids already have so many toys and play houses as it is that we didn't buy them anymore. Its taking over the apartment. So we just got them some of their favorite treats and wet foods.
My two wonderful gifts from my amazing husband. I remember standing by it at Staples and sighing, I wanted my tablet so bad. I am one lucky lady.

Playing in the wrapping

We had a great Christmas dinner as well as the kids but after pawing it around the floor first, of course. We watched A Christmas Story while eating. It had been such as long time since watching it. I remember watching it every Christmas as a kid and we just had to watch it because Steve had never seen it. The second one has just been made as well so I can see that in our near future.
One of the fur-kids plate.

Don't have a fireplace at home? Netflix has got you covered. No really, they do!

After that we were pretty full and tired. We called family and went to bed early. It was a great Christmas. The Lord had really blessed us and spending it together made it perfect.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Resolutions for 2013

Here we go again. I failed myself in a couple of my 2012 resolutions and a new year always wipes a slate clean for me so I am going to set another five because its a good solid number of things you want to accomplish in a year. But I did have accomplishments in 2012, as well. My marriage is striving and I do feel I am more independent instead of just someones wife, daughter, and sister. I have goals of my own and I find myself doing things for myself instead of trying to make everyone else happy first. My marriage is happier for it.

1.) Lose 60 pounds!
     Reason- This was one of my 2012 resolutions and I did lose 15lbs but gained it back from poor eating habits and quitting my daily exercise regimen. This year is the year. I can feel it.

2.) Get better at money management.
     Reason- We have been living paycheck to paycheck like we are still kids. We need to get serious about getting a savings and be more responsible. This will have to have Steve's effort in it as well.

3.) Work hard and excel in my new career as a contractor.
     Reason- As I type this, today is my first day of my new job and life. I wanted so badly to work from home and be a business owner. I am finally here and this is my chance. I am so nervous and afraid to fail. I pray the Lord creates a path to my success and have a wonderful monthly income by 2014. I know it wont be overnight so I know I will have to work hard and do my very best every day.

4.) Learn to sew correctly.
     Reason- People always say I make the cutest things but I don't know how to do a lot of things. I have a real hard time cutting fabric right and some things that I see, I have no idea how they made it. I want to learn to make curtains, clothes, and others things. This year I am going to start attending sewing classes, read more sewing how to books and just do everything I can to learn and be on the path to one day opening a sewing business. I will be working from home so this can't be too difficult to do in my free time. I love to sew and excited to learn more. Some people just go sew up some amazing great quality projects. I want to be able to do that.  Expect a lot more sewing projects on my blog in the near future.

5.) Live by the Bible.
     Reason- I want to the be person, wife, friend, and family member that God wants me to be. Reading the Bible has changed my life and my Husband has already seen a change in me. God has changed my life. I want to maybe start attending Church even if its just on occasion. I just want to live by his words.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Homemade Cat Treats

I have a whole fun day of free time before I start my new job. So I am going to spend it getting some housework and laundry done, and make some treats. This is the first time I have ever made any so it will be fun. I am excited for them to try it. I got my Dunkin Donuts coffee and about to head to Path Mark for my ingredients. Oh, and I just wanted to mention something I noticed. In Washington and Idaho, where we grew up, there are Starbucks on every corner. Here, you have to go out of your way for Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts is on every corner. We noticed that and thought it was funny.

 Tuna Tidbits

  • 6 ounce can of tuna
  • 1/4 cup water drained from tuna
  • 3 T cooked egg white, chopped
  • 1/4 cup cornmeal
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine tuna, egg white and water. Add cornmeal and flour and blend to form a dough. Knead into a ball and roll to 1/4 inch thick. Cut into one-inch sized pieces. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes.

  • Bunker could not get enough of them but Tubbles wasn't too much of a fan of Mommas home cookin'. Next time I will add some Chicken Broth. I like to think Bunker eats them because he likes them but there is also the possibility that he eats them because he is a bottomless pit. He eats everything, french fries, cream cheese, coffee, soda, bread, etc. Of course I don't give him these things, he steals from my plate and cup when I am not looking.
     Steve also had a sample and said they were sort of bland so I am for sure going to add some other stuff in there in the next batch.

    Thursday, December 13, 2012

    Christmas time fun

    The kids are starting to get along so well now, FINALLY! I was having such a hard time with Tubbles not adjusting well to Bunker. But now they are playing and cuddling all day long. Its great to see. Sorry for the overload of photos.
    Notice there is no snow? So nice, we are having beautiful warm sunny cloudless days here in Delaware! Stay in Germany, Snow! We are liking this.

    Exploring the balcony for the first time.

    Bunker loved the balcony so much he tried everything to get back out there.

    Our tree and stockings
    Christmas cards in colorful envelops. We sent one to Faithful Friends (the shelter) so Bunker could say thanks for taking care of him and also one to our Vet so Tubbles could also say thanks for helping her mouth.

    The cool cat!
    Helping Momma put dishes in the dishwasher
    Tubbles relaxing her bed with her blanket I made her
    Sweet Boy!

    He loves carrying stuff around in his mouth just like his new big sister.

    Steve woke me up at 4 in the morning to show me this photo. They were cuddling for the first time! Melted my heart.

    I think he is really enjoying his forever home. No more cages or tons of stranger animals. He has a family, finally. We love him and Tubbles is enjoying her new little brother.

    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    Christmas Cards

    I am a bit late on getting the Christmas cards done. But since we are in America, I have the luxury of being late since I can order online at Walgreens and pick them up an hour later instead of waiting six weeks for them to be mailed to Germany. Ahh. Yes! I love being back in America. Its the little things I appreciate most. Every year I take our Christmas photos, edit them, and get them printed myself. Saves us quite a bit of green this way and it also turns out exactly how I envisioned it so its a win-win.

    Our 2012 Christmas Cards! Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

    Monday, December 10, 2012

    Paw Christmas Stockings

    I finally made homemade Christmas stockings for the kids and this is Bunkers first stocking.. and first CHRISTMAS! I wanted them to be perfect so it took me two days to make these stockings. I am pretty proud of myself. I would say that my sewing is improving. Steve saw them and he was completely impressed. He loves them. I was going to make them really colorful and cute, but making them to the color of their fur is so much more personalized.

    Inside. Green with cute little candy canes.

    While I was sewing the stockings up, Bunker decided it would be fun to jump on to my shoulders. He is so little and sweet as a button.

    We Adopted!

    Meet Bunker. He is a four month old feline we rescued from Faithful Friends Animal Society. Tubbles has been moping around and we thought she needed a companion. After two years of deciding when the perfect time for us to adopt, we decided there is no perfect time and this is as good as any since I will be working from home.
    It all started then we saw a cat we liked at Petco (the shelter had an adoption event going on there). She was really sweet so we filled out the adoption application they had there set up at the store and mailed it in. We had a first choice cat and second choice just in case one of them got adopted. About three days later we went to the shelter to get an update and they said they were just about to call us to tell us that they have both been adopted. So we went and looked at the cats they had in the shelter and decided on another then they informed us she had an application and pending adoption so we decided on her sister (they told us it was her sister).
    They called our apartment complex and vet for references and once we were approved, I went and picked her up only to be notified that my she is a HE! We had the name picked out (Harmony) and everything.
    The sex didn't matter to us, we just weren't expecting that. The kennel attendant thought we were talking about the sister then I was pointing to her brother.

    We decided on the name Bunker for the Military significance. A Bunker is a place to stay safe from harm and we are giving this new being a place to live and be safe. So that is how my mind sort of came to that name.

    When we got home from the shelter, I didn't think it would be a problem to let him out of the kennel and have him roam. I didn't even think to research the best way to introduce cats for the first time. He met Tubbles while she was in her play house and there was a lot of growling and hissing. After two days, there was no change and Tubbles growls and swats at us now too. She is not handling the change well. I decided to do my research finally on what to do and now Bunker is in the bedroom with his litter box, food and water while Tubbles adjusts to his smell. I did it completely wrong. I feel so bad for Tubbles. I hope this doesn't make lasting resentment for the new kitten.

    This is definitely an experience and I had no idea what to expect. The last time I had a kitten was when Tubbles was a kitten. Bunker is so rambunctious and full of energy. I can be sewing and all of a sudden, he is on my shoulders and my head. He loves to pounce. He tried so hard to get Tubbles to play with him but maybe in a week, after we try it this way, he can come out and they can have a better meeting.

    Look at that little milk mustache!

    Here he is (on the right) when he first got dumped at the shelter. I took a snapshot from my Tablet so thats why there is all the other stuff in the photo.

    Monday, December 3, 2012

    The Dream Job

    "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
    For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.  Matthew 7:7-8 (NKJV)

    Thank you, Lord! I prayed and prayed and asked for this job and lifestyle. It is my dream to work from home so I can help my little family out financially while still being a home maker. It has come true. My credit and background check came back and I have been approved to work as an independent contractor. I almost started crying when I got that email confirming it. I pretty much danced in to the bedroom to show my husband the email on my iphone since he was still in bed. We are both just so happy and I can not wait to start. I am going to finish deep cleaning the house and so I can get started on my new job right with no distractions as I learn the ropes.
    No commuting to work, no wearing uncomfortable suits, lunch meetings will involve lunch with my family, no bosses looking over my shoulder, will be considered a business owner, making my own hours and yet, I will work in the business world and put my Business Technology (Office Admin) Cert to use. Thank you, God. This truly is a dream come true.


    Horrible gifters

    As bad as this sounds, this is the first year my husband has actually done my Christmas gift shopping himself. He has never had a gift for me under the tree until now. He realized this and really sat down and thought about it. He said he couldn't believe he had done that. I always have to buy myself the gifts that are "from him". Well, I may not have been talking about it all that much or at all but we have been on a journey to strengthen our marriage and be happier. It has been amazing. Its through Christ that we are learning what love truly means and as I am giving my life to the Lord, my eyes are opening for the first time.

    But yes, he went and shopped for my gift and its just amazing how much thought he put in to it. He was so excited. He put them in boxes and those boxes in more boxes and wrapped them. I actually had no clue. Now, How did I know he did all this? Because we are horrible gifters and we opened them! Its only December 2nd and we opened them. Okay okay, just one each and even Tubbles got to open one too to make it fair. We are not going to break tradition completely and we are saving most gifts for Christmas morning.

    He is a big survivalist and so I got him a emergency food bucket with a water purifier. He acted like a small kid when he opened that, just so happy. When it was my turn, He handed me two gift and said they go together. The first was a really cute pink kindle Fire holder of some sort. I thought for sure my next gift was going to be a kindle. I opened the next and it was a Nexus 7; an Android tablet. It was what I was hoping for. When ever we go to Staples or Best Buy, I am always by the tablets. I love love love it. So much better then a Kindle. Last but not least, Tubbles opened hers and she got her much loved cat grass.

    My tablet. Already addicted to it. (via)

    Friday, November 30, 2012

    Lets so back.. way back.

    During my husbands deployment, I was pretty active on this website called CinC House. Its a place for Military wives to meet each other and connect. The website had a blogging feature where you can tell your story. So during the Deployment, I blogged on there until I made it to Germany and started the one you are reading now. I just wanted to share some of the memories, joys and struggles I had. I am just going to copy and paste it from it to here. Enjoy. Reading it has brought back such memories.

    June 23 2010
    I am a new Army wife and surviving this first crazy deployment. My husband and I were married when he was fresh out of Basic training. Two days after we married he left for Germany thinking I would be command sponsored soon, well that didn't happen and he was deployed.. We recently had our mid tour leave and it was the first time we saw each other in a year.. literately, we spent our one year anniversary while he was on mid tour.
      The first couple of days of mid tour was everything I thought it would be.. I made him his first meal as his wife, we couldn't stay away from each other for more then 5 minutes.. just completely happy. But eventually it all went down hill. We started fighting about EVERYTHING, our "sexual relations" started to seem like we both were just uninterested.. I don't know what happened. I thought Mid Tour was the easy and happy time and when hes home for good is when the readjusting problems could happen. We did talk about it before he left and we just don't know what happened.
      During the few days before he came home on mid tour we were talking about conceiving and starting a family, well we did for the first few days but obviously it didn't happen. When we talk on Skype or write letters, you would think we had the perfect marriage and so in love but mid tour leave did not go as I thought it would.
      Currently I am in the process of PCSing to Germany while he is deployed so I can have our new home on post ready for him, I don't have orders yet, I'm still doing paperwork. My DH has less then 5 months left of this deployment and we are back to being happy as can be on Skype and all. I'm just so worried it will go back to mid tour when he is home in Germany. I live in Spokane WA, I moved here to be near my mom a few months ago after my dad passed away and I don't know anyone, that's why I'm so grateful for CinCHouse.. There is a lot of support here and I'm always wanting to make new friends :)

     June 24 2010
     Today I am moving out of my apartment and moving in to a sort of temp housing that the Army is paying for. I will be there until its time to PCS to GERMANY!!!! My apartment is cluttered with boxes and crap haha. But I'm so happy to take the first step in getting over to Germany. I completed the final paperwork to be command sponsored so I have about a month until I get on the plane!! YAY!

    June 25 2010
     I don't know whats wrong with us. When my DH and I first got married, he was really weird about telling me he loved me when other people were around when he was on the phone with me ( he left for his duty station 2 days after we married). I thought it was just a phase and didn't think to much in to it because he eventually told me he loved me every second he could. 
      Well we just celebrated our one year anniversary while he was on mid tour leave. Now that he is back over there I talked to him tonight for the first time and when it was time to hang up I told him I loved him and was so in love with him and couldn't wait to see him again.. well his response was "yea,  you too." He noticed I was hurt and said sorry but his buddy's are around. I'M HIS WIFE!!!! I'm friends with his friends on Facebook and I always see sweet posts about loving their wives and all, why is he so uncomfortable about telling me he loves me in front of his friends? We even tried to conceive a baby while on mid tour and start a family, that is definitely not something a man that has a family does to his wife. I was so mad and hurt I just hung up on him. I mean here I am ready to shout my love for him from the rooftops but he wont say it in front of his friends. I'm so hurt and confused.

    June 27 2010
     So here I am sitting in a dingy, dead body smelling motel in downtown Spokane. The month to month temp housing I was going to move in to until Germany fell through so I'm spending the next month in a motel, and a cheap crappy one at that... the elevators don't even work and the hallway has a horrid stench to it.. But I found out that as soon as I get orders I can move on to Fairchild AFB I live next to in to temp housing for free until I go to Germany. So I really hope those orders come in soon... I don't have a clue on how long it takes to get orders after the paperwork is all completed.. could be weeks.. months (that's a scary thought haha)
    But I'll survive this motel as long as the bugs don't get me first YUK! haha. Ive been in worse.

    June 29 2010
    I talked to my DH tonight and we were talking about him going to medical school (he wants to become a doctor), starting a family, life in general after the Army which is coming up here in a few years.. well we tried to conceive on mid tour but it didn't happen and we were planning on trying again when he is back and living on post after deployment but tonight he decided that we should wait because he is worried about not being a good father and not being able to provide for a family. He wants to wait until hes done with med school and has a good paying job then for me to be a house wife at that time. I mean I'm a house wife now but with no kids.  I hate how he keeps changing his mind about everything but I understand it also.. having kinds is a big decision and we should make it together but I'm ready now.. I thought he was too on mid tour.. I was just so sure we were going to start a family when he is home in Germany. But who knows.. maybe hes just worried now but ready when hes home. I shouldn't be to worried about it, I'm 20, I have my whole life to have kids and all but I guess I was just ready for it all now and that it was settled. I hate how its all uncertain now.

    June 30 2010
     Today is probably one of the more happier days lately. My DH called and we had a heart to heart about everything and I feel a lot better about it all. Getting more and more excited as days go by that I'm closer to PCSing to Germany and closer to my husband coming home from his year tour in Afghanistan. I haven't been doing much school lately.. kinda been a little down and not in the mood for it but i think I'm going to try to get caught up today. I am so ready to be done with school and get my certification.

     July 2 2010
    My DH and I got anniversary photos done while he was on mid tour leave last month and I finally got them back :) They turned out great! I love them.  These are our first pictures we've ever had done. We didn't even do pics for our wedding really, it was just a simple court house wedding. I'm so glad to have these. We had them done to celebrate our one year of marriage.

    July 6 2010
    It seems like lately my husband hasn't been able to call as much because of all the blackouts that are happening. It used to be that they would go on blackout if there was a death, but now they go on blackout even if someone got hurt from something. Since he is Infantry, he makes contact with the Taliban often. He is the one on the front lines fighting.
     I still haven't heard back from the rear detachment of the Unit about being command sponsored.. he has all of his paperwork he needs so maybe he doesn't have anything to respond and now I'm just waiting for orders. I don't know. 
      I really need a hobby! Lately I spend my days watching Greys Anatomy and school.. I really need something to do during the day besides TV. Its pretty lonely. Can't get a job since as soon as I get orders, I leave. Could be any day now.

     July 12 2010
     Just got home last night from a weekend in Seaside Oregon with my Mom. Its a nine hour drive from where I live. It was a nice time to just get away and the coast was amazing, I'm used to rivers and all and when I saw water for as long as the eye can see, it was just beautiful. I went there to spread my fathers ashes in the coast. He passed away on Christmas Day 2010 to lung cancer from Smoking. My whole life he loved the Oregon Coast and has always wanted to take me there but never got the time or opportunity and I know he would want his ashes there. The drive was very fun, got to see a lot of historic sights and beautiful scenery, got tons of pictures. But its good to be home back in Spokane :)

    July 14 2010
     I went to the gym at Fairchild AFB (free membership since I am a military wife) yesterday morning for the first time in about a year and I am sooo sore, and even when I went to the gym before, I was never this sore but I think its because I usually only did the treadmill. Yesterday I did the treadmill but also decided to step it up a notch and do these machines the worked the arms and tummy.. all I can say this morning is OUCH!! I decided I'm taking a day off but continuing it tomorrow morning.
      I started a new book, Vino in Vo, and love it, plus its about three wives surviving a deployment from my husbands brigade (173rd Airborne Combat Team). Only they are stationed in Italy (where we were originally going to be stationed), not Germany. Ive been taking up reading more, I'm so sick of being bored and waiting on orders so that's why I'm getting more involved in the gym and books. July is halfway over already, time is flying.. Another month down and another month closer to having my husband out of that war zone! Still counting down the days.

     July 17 2010
     My DH made it to FOB Altimur, he was on COP Kherwar but he was hurt (he hurt his leg pretty bad) and now even though its better they still decided to take him off the line and give him a desk job. He is really upset by this because he is Infantry and worried that one of his men will be hurt if hes not with them on patrols looking out for them. I feel bad that he feels bad but in my heart I am relieved because now I know he is safe and coming home in a few short months!!! I cant believe its been almost eight months since he deployed! He is s soldier and I know this is hard for him.
      Still no word on anyone finding DH orders to Germany (the last piece of the puzzle I need to be able to PCS).. But Steve said he was told to talk to a certain SSGT so I guess I will find out more when my hero calls me later on tonight! Hope you all are doing well.

    July 20 2010
    Lately I have been really worried about my DH and I drifting apart when he gets back home.. I finally broke down and talked with him about it and he made all my fears and worries go away.. from across the planet he did that I know he truly is my soul mate and I am so happy I talked with him. I know now that communication really is very important in a marriage and I am fully committed to this marriage. I am so in love with this man. I spoke with a few other wives as well and leanred these fears are completely normal. Everyone has them. Only a few short months until we finally live a married life in Germany on post in our first home together.. and we decided that we are going to try to conceive our first baby. I already got a baby book. I'm so happy! My dream is to become a Mommy.

    July 24 2010
    Still no word on if the Army has found a copy of my husbands orders to Germany to complete my command sponsorship packet. Its starting to get frustrating! Lately I have been meeting a lot of ladies online that are PCSing to Schweinfurt Germany also and some are already over there.. I'm so happy to have friends there since I will be PCSing while my hubby is still deployed. Things are really good right now but they will be so much better once I get orders to Germany and even MORE better when my hubby is finally home. Only a few more months!! OH, I got my hubby's return home date too! yeeee getting giddy just thinking about it

    July 20 2010
    I'm so happy!!! I got to Skype with my hubby for 2 whole hours.. he got internet for his computer so now we can always see each other goodnight! He also finally got a copy of his orders to GERMANY which is the last thing we need to complete the command sponsorship packet!!! WE'RE DONE!!!  I'm moving to GERMANY!!! In just a few short months my hubby will done with deployment and be joining me!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!
       It was soo cute too.. when I first started talking to him, I asked about it to see if there was an update on it and he said no but he should get it soon.. a little while later he told me to get on Skype because he had something to show me and wanted to see my face reaction and then he emailed me the copy of his orders that I needed to finish the packet.. Made my day.. week.. MONTH!!! lol  I'm one happy girl right now!!

     August 11 2010
      I'm so frustrated!!! The command sponsor stuff all went through except for the EMFP paperwork which needed a stamp on it, we were told any Military installation can stamp it so I took it to the Airforce base (Fairchild) I live next to and they decided to sent it to Ft Lewis Army post on the other side of WA.. So I called Ft Lewis and they told me they were busy but the would call me back.. they never did. I'm so mad!! The command sponsorship process is done and and all they need is they stamp and I'll have my orders to Germany a few days afterwards. ahhhh  I'm going to call them again today and see what happens.

     September 3 2010
     FINALLY, got the EFMP papers back, then they found more things that needed to me fixed but finally got those fixed too!!! My DH was told I will have orders in about a week if they don't find anything else wrong with the paperwork.
      I moved out of the motel back on to my Moms couch until I PCS.. hopefully I get orders soon because my Moms boyfriend and I do NOT get along. UGH!!! Hurry up orders.. GEEZE!!!
      Since its finally September, my DH will officially be home from Afghanistan NEXT MONTH!!!  I really need to get to Germany!!! ahhhhhhh (screaming) :)

     Sept 23 2010
     I have orders to Germany FINALLY!!!!!  Tubbles (my cat) and I leave from Spokane on Saturday and drive to Ft Lewis then get on the plane on MONDAY!!!  I cant believe after all this time and paperwork I'm finally PCSing!  My DH comes home from deployment next month too! Everything is finally coming together!! I'm so happy right now! Here we come, Newlywed life.

    And that is where this blog began. I have to admit, we were pretty young and trying to be adults. We eventually decided to hold off on having kids until after we left the Military lifestyle. My grammar wasn't great so sorry about that, I just don't feel like going through and correcting it all right now. I hope you enjoyed having a closer look at Deployment life. It was such a flash back reading this. I had so many fears but when he came home, but it was all just perfect. I later learned that all wives go though those fears of drifting apart during deployment.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    When one door closes..

    ..Another one opens.

    That is what has happened. You don't realize it but it happens all the time. Being a Homemaker while working from home is my dream. Even though my last attempt of working as a Contractor failed, I didn't quit trying altogether. I have finally been offered a position as a Contractor. I finished the paper work and now just need to do the back ground and credit check. I have to pay for it myself but I think of it as an investment. I get to set my own hours and have my own home office. DREAM. COME. TRUE.

    I am excited to go shopping tomorrow to buy my headset and all the office supplies I will need. I will also need a land line and Comcast has a pretty great bundle to add to our Internet plan. Of course I am not going to open anything and make sure I have a 30 day money back guarantee for the land line so if for some reason I get denied on my credit check, I can return everything and the only money wasted would be the credit and back ground check. Gotta be smart because anything could happen.

    I just wanted to share the exciting news. Its a dream come true. I pray the lord looks over me as I start this new endeavor. Its so new and I am excited to see where this brings me in my career goals.

    Missing teef-ers

    It has been one week since her surgery and she is a whole different cat. She is grooming herself, running around, eating more, looking out the window, and enjoying her life again. Such a change from sitting in one place for days at a time, not eating, and drooling. Those are such horrible memories. I am so glad it is over, and to think if we had to wait until her original appointment, she would still be in pain to this moment. I am so glad we were able to get the money. Thank you to everyone who has been worried for her, prayed for her, and sent positive vibes our way.

    Kinda blurry but you can kinda see her holes where her K9s should be.

    Just loving her grooming time

    Her shaved spot

    Tubbles and Steve Face-Timing while in different rooms, Haha.

    Friday, November 23, 2012


    For the first time since we have been married, we spent our Thanksgiving with just the two of us. We didn't want it that way but since we are no longer a Military family, Steve has no combat buddies to invite over. But that didn't stop me from making way too much. I pretty much cooked and baked enough for six people. That is just what I am used to during the Holidays. We have way too much leftovers. It was hard to find enough room in the fridge.

    Our Thanksgiving feast

    Noone coming over? Don't mind if I don't get dressed today. Haha.

    Our Dinner:
    Green Bean Casserole
    Corn on the Cob
    Crock Pot Mac and Cheese (first time making it)
    Mashed Potatoes
    Cranberry sauce
    Pumpkin Pie

    Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    After the surgery

    We took her to the vet hospital this morning at 8am. They brought us in to an examination room where they took her temperature and her weight.  I kept my hands on her for her comfort. She started shaking real bad from fear. I nearly started crying but I held it in until we got to the car.
    I knew she was already starving because she was not allowed to eat the night before and this morning she just sat near where her food and water bowls would be. Steve said she was doing the same thing last night after I went to bed. There was some kibbles on the floor and she tried to frantically eat them before I picked them up. I just wanted to feed her but Steve made me realize that a day of being hungry is better then being a few more weeks in pain.
    All morning I kept looking at my iPhone waiting for the vet to call to let me know that surgery was done. I tried watching TV, tidying up the house, and doing anything to keep my mind off it. But I was just so worried. The vet finally called at 11:51am and told me that the surgery went good and that she is awake. They had to extract three teeth. Her two top K9s and one bottom K9 and that we can pick her up in three hours. The K9 teeth are the really long ones on the top and bottom. She will be eating wet food for the rest of the week and but after that, she can eat dry just fine since she eats with her back teeth.

    We finished up our Thanksgiving feast shopping and picked her up right afterwards. She was awake and looked ready to go home. She was so happy to see us. She was a little wobbly but seemed okay. I gave her some well deserved and awaited dinner, antibiotics, and she cuddled into her play house and is still to this moment sleeping. They sent us home with some pain meds that I give twice a day so I will give her some before bed. I am just so glad to be done with the stress and have my baby healthy. She already looks a thousand times better.

    The gave us the three teeth in a bottle. They were worse then I thought. Some of the root was completely eaten away by the bacteria. This will never happen to my baby again. She is starting her yearly cleanings and I am doing six month check ups instead of one year.

    She can't have anymore food tonight but she will be back to normal tomorrow just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. We will make a plate just for her with some well ground-up Turkey from Steve's plate (since I am a vegetarian).

    Hope everyone has a happy healthy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my wonderful Husband, my beautiful feline and our life together. I am also thankful for my Mom, cousins, brothers, and all of my family.

    I cleaned off the blood to get a better look at the teeth. They were in pretty bad shape. The brown is where bacteria was eating it away and there are holes in some as well as parts eaten down to the core. No wonder she was in so much pain.
    It is so important to get your pets teeth looked at once a year by a vet during their yearly checkups. This could have been avoided if I had better vets in the past. They never really paid any mind to her teeth. But, "you live you learn", as my dad would always say.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    A Better Day

    Today we woke to a whole new cat. She is up walking around, eating, cleaning herself, using the potty, and her face is nearly back to normal. The new antibiotic the vet prescribed her is doing wonders to her infection. I was really worried about it since, when we got it, it came with a little note on the receipt of the side effects and allergic reactions to watch for. Some were worse then what she needed the antibiotic for. None of that is happening and she is feeling much better.
    Her surgery is tomorrow, first thing in the morning. She starts fasting at 4pm tonight and no water after midnight. This is finally happening after all the stress and struggles we have had to overcome.Thank you, Lord.

    Napping with her Daddy. Had to zoom in with my iphone camera so the quality isn't great.

    Baby's swollen cheek
    I got my last Job Corps check yesterday and that is what is paying for the surgery and also got our phones back on. The check could not have come at a better time.We are longer in debt and so relieved.

    Monday, November 19, 2012

    Turn for the worse

    Tubbles has been on her antibiotics for over a week when I woke up one morning to her face really swollen.  I called her vet the moment they opened and they said it was probably an abscess tooth and that it needs to come out immediately. Of course we don't have the money to get her surgery so they told us that there was nothing they could do until surgery. Later that night, she wouldn't even get up at all or eat tuna water which is her favorite. Her vet wasn't open since it was late so I started calling the emergency vet hospitals to see what to do. They said it could be an onset infection and she needs to get in right away. They wouldn't negotiate any payment plans so once again, we had no options.
      The next morning, my cousin offered to help pay for her surgery and wanted to meet me at the emergency hospital. I called to make sure we could do it there but they said we would need a consultation and then after that, schedule a date for surgery. We had already had the consultation with her normal vet so we decided to just see of we could get her in to surgery first thing Monday morning now that we had a plan for the money.
    It was Sunday and I was thinking of all the ways we could get money in time for Monday morning in case they could get her in. I took my new camera back to Costco to return it. That got us $300. I was considering pawning my bridal set (wedding ring) but Steve wouldn't let me unless it was our last resort and we still had the option of getting help from my cousin. I am not real sad about returning mt camera since Tubbles means everything to me.
    Monday (today) I called on the top of the hour when they opened and they said there was no option to get her in today. The soonest is Wednesday. I made the schedule change, hung up and probably cried harder then I have been the last few days. It was just another blow.
    Ever since she woke up swollen, she has not been eating on her own that much. We find ourselves forcing tuna water down her throat. She ran out of antibiotics last night, so this morning I also had to go to the vet and buy her some more since she needs it in her system before, during, and after the surgery. That brought us down to $250 to our name. I asked for another guess on how much the surgery will be and its now up to $400 since we know at least one tooth will be taken out. Steve gets his work pay check on Wednesday so that will help cover the extra $100. They also want to do a blood test to make sure her liver and what not can handle the anesthesia which is an extra $90.  It is just piling on. I don't know how we will do it but we are going to.
    We decided not to pay our cell phone bill since that money had to go towards her first consultation visit and antibiotics. Now they have been shut off and we are using the Text Free app to call the vet through WiFi. It has been a blessing to still have a phone. But it has been rough. Times have been hard and now that we have to still wait for her surgery, its tough to handle but at least its not until December like her surgery was going to be. Just two more days. I have cried and prayed harder this last week then I ever have. I don't know how we went from living comfortably to deciding what bills to pay and what we can live without. This is why its so important to have an emergency fund, because of the unexpected. We know better now.
    Tubbles' Medicines. I feel like all I do all day is shove stuff down her throat and ears.
    Poor baby's swollen left cheek and eye.

    Friday, November 16, 2012

    Cat Beds

    I went through some unpacked boxes and finally found my sewing machine. Part of our bedroom has become our storage area since we are trying to fit a pretty large two bedroom home (from Germany) into this one bedroom smaller apartment. We still have quite a few boxes to go through. Another thing I found in the boxes was a bag of trash. The Army Housing Dept was not kidding when they said "the movers will pack EVERYTHING!"
    But I did find my sewing machine. I love to sew although I am still learning. I have been practicing a lot since I got it set up again and I wanted to share my progress. Here is the bed I made for Tubbles. She loves it. After seven months of living in our new city, I just learned where Joann Fabrics was. How sad is that?

    An ACU Dog Bone ornament I made for practice. I am selling it on Etsy. It not perfect but it was good practice.

    I decided sewing is definitely something I want to do to take up as a business. But it will take money so until I take the plunge, I am just practicing and learning new techniques. I am looking for a part time job so I can work and slowly start my sewing business at the same time as well as being a homemaker. I think I have too many ambitions and trying to do it all at once has been pretty overwhelming.

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    First Phone Interview

    Talk about STRESSFUL! I had my first phone interview this morning. I applied to an agency as a Independent Contractor where I could work from home. There was a whole screening process where I had to call in and read from a script. I guess I passed since I got an email where they had to scan my computer to make sure it had all the requirements to the work I would be doing. Once I passed that, I got a phone interview this morning and we got to play the "what if" scenario game. I find out if I was selected in about a week. I won't be "employed" by them and I can set my own hours. Perfect for me. I am going to be, and have been, a busy lady.
    I will let you know if I was selected, I hope my good luck with interviews holds up with this one as well. I have never in my life had an interview and not been hired. Even this last time with the Animal Hospital, I didn't get hired right away but I was called back and offered a job. I didn't take it since I was no longer a Vet Tech student and I was going to Job Corps for a whole different field and didn't have the time.

    I sure hope I get it because working from home would be a dream come true.. Every step you take should be a step in the direction of your goals.

    Update: Unfortunately, I didn't get the job. But having that phone interview was sure an experience and it will help me for if there is ever a next time I have a phone interview. There is a lot of other opportunities for me to work at home and I won't stop until I am happy with it.

    Friday, November 9, 2012

    Choosing a Vet

    Tubbles has been acting like her teeth has been bothering her. I usually only take her to the vet once a year. Its been seven months since she visited hers in Germany and now that we live in a new place, I spent the day calling all the vet offices around. Steve was laughing at me on how I did it but my baby is going to have a high qualified doctor. With all I have learned while being a Vet Tech student, I now know how shady some vets can be; only doing the bare minimum. Her last two vets (the German vet and the on-post Army vet) didn't even take her weight and that is something that should be recorded in her record every visit.

    So I wrote down all the things that mattered to me and called up each office and asked them. Some I even went online to look up myself.

    1.REVIEWS! Top one to me. I looked up reviews to see how they treated previous clients. That right there helped me sort the good ones.
    2. Prices. Needed something reasonable that we could be able to pay off.
    3. Payment plans. No one offered them so the prices and being able to pay them off after services were rendered were even more crucial.
    4. Hours. We needed a vet office that was open for the majority of the week so if she needed to go immediately, like if there was something wrong, then we would have access to her doctor (for future concerns). But we also have the 24/7 emergency animal hospitals info on the fridge.
    5. Location. Having the office someplace close where Tubbles isnt sitting in the car for an hour for the drive there.

    I found the right vet for her and its actually one I applied to for a Vet Assistant position. I remember filling out a long grueling packet that quizzed me on my knowledge. I really like that now so I know the Techs and other staff members were hired for their knowledge. So I am even happier about my decision.
    Her appointment is this morning and its where the doctor just looks and her teeth and gives her recommendations. Then we can make another appointment for her dental cleaning or whatever the doctor thinks is best.

    WHILE AT THE VET- The staff there was great. As we were checking in, the Tech had to take her medical history record and make copies. She couldn't understand some of the writing from Tubbles' previous German vet so it was fun to translate a bit. We went in to the examination room and the first thing she did was take her weight. That made me happy that it was something I now knew they did. They asked very good open questions and then came time to check her teeth. It was as I thought. They are not looking good and causing her pain. I felt so bad but the vet told me there was nothing I could have done.. its just bad genes. She needs surgery on them to get them cleaned (dental Prophylaxis) and some may even need to be pulled. The doctor answered all of our questions and was really straight forward. She told us that this was going to be a battle for the rest of her life. She will need her yearly cleanings now and she might have to eventually have all of her teeth pulled. The good thing, she doesn't need teeth to live a happy life.
    She is getting her first cleaning done early December and she will be on an antibiotic until then.
    I also had another ear cytology done to look for mites. I had one done at the Army vet on-post in Germany and she said it came back negative but she has still been itching her ears. This time it came back positive and she has a bad ear infection. I could almost bet money she had an ear infection in Germany too but that mean vet just didn't care. She was horrible. So she prescribed some meds for her ears as well.
    How her med cycle goes is she gets one dose of her antibiotic at 8am in the morning, then ear drops at noon, then another dose of her antibiotic at 8pm... every day, until her dental prophylaxis and then the vet will check her ears then as well to see if the infection has cleared. Tubbles fights tooth and nail, this stuff stinks and probably tastes horrible as well. Luckily, I have an amazing husband that holds her while I give her the meds.  Looks like this cat mama has some nursing to do to get her baby to feeling well again. I just can't wait to get her in to her surgery so she can eat without pain even though I know the antibiotics are helping, I already see improvement.
    Well that was our day. I am relieved to know what is going on and that it is being taken care of.

    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Entrepreneur in the making

    The thing about Steve and I is that we are both Entrepreneurs, and when we put our heads together, our ideas always turns out beautiful. We have a few work at home ideas and some are pretty successful so far.
    Steve is preparing for a few business endeavors. Since he is going to school for Programing, he knows how to do a few things now and is working on a few projects. We are both so excited.
    Since we are making this more of a business instead of a hobby, we needed to buy a monitor instead of doing everything from my laptop that is on its way out. I do not like my Acer at all. I can not wait to get a new one. But we went shopping at Staples and found what we have been looking for. We got a new Hp Tower and Modem. It has the new Windows 8 and although I like the look of Windows 7 better, its been okay. Check out our new Office.

    At Staples deciding which ones to get

    Happy as a clown to get home and set it up

    Already customizing it

    I am also looking in to maybe getting in to the animal business. Trying to start small so maybe selling dog biscuits? Or a dog walking service? Maybe get my sewing machine back up and running and make collars? There is so many options, I am still trying to sort them all out and see what I end up with. As I have said before, I am not the sort of person that is happy with a 9-5 job. Its just not for me. I work best as my own boss. I am excited to see what the future holds.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012


    The worst of this Hurricane hit through the night last night. I went to bed early since I was so tired but Steve stayed up for awhile and he said the wind was hitting the building real hard but besides that, it didn't get too much worse then it had been. Our electricity never went out, thank the Lord, but as I am watching The Weather Channel, there are folks that are not that lucky. I hope the East Coast shores will recover quickly. I obviously wasn't able to get a good video of the worst of the storm since it was pitch black out but here is one I made of a few more clips of the weather and how we are passing the time during the Hurricane as well as the aftermath around town that we got some videos and pictures of.

    Here is a compilation of pictures (some you will see again as you scroll on down) and videos. It is Video 2 of our enounter with Hurricane Sandy. You can find the link to Video 1 on the previous post, Preparing for Sandy, or on our YouTube channel. To view Video 2, click here.

    Entertaining the baby during the Hurricane

    Yeah, we were prepared!

    My camera all taped up ready to go out in the storm and capture the moment. I'm pretty sure I need to be a Meteorologist. I just loved doing this but always had a panic attack when a drop of water got on my new camera. I also discovered that iPhones still work when they are in zip lock bags. You can still interact with them. Thats what I had to do out there to keep my phone with me but not get it wet.

    A few photos from surveying the damage at Battery Park in New Castle, DE.

    What once was a pretty dock now just a bunch of floating boards


    AFTER.. again
    ..and again. Here you can see a few lights in the water and in the back you can see what they are suppost to look like.

    Pretty view of the bridge to New Jersey.
    A sweet little squirrel eating a snack