Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Riley is HERE!

Our sweet baby boy is HERE! His name is Riley Martin Cox. He was born February 12th 2014 at 12:45pm. Riley was 8 lbs & 1 oz, and 21 and a half inches long. I had a really hard time bringing him into this world but I'll share more of that in his birth story soon. I just wanted to share the great news that he is here and we are finally home. He is the most perfect baby. We have been so blessed. The amount of love he has brought in to our lives...its just amazing.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

39 weeks

Won't be long now. It really has not set in at all that I could be meeting my sweet boy any day. I don't have much of an update this week. My OB is going to check my cervix at 40 weeks to see where we are at. They didn't find it necessary to do it this week since I have not been contracting much so I am probably not too far along.
39 weeks

Friday, February 7, 2014

Udder Cover

I am less then two weeks away from my due date and slowly but surly getting everything done. I could go in to labor at any time and I still don't have my hospital bag packed. Time is flying by, I just can't believe it. This week I was able to finally get my Udder cover done. Don't you just love the name of it, haha. I am doing a cow print theme for my diaper bag so I made my cover cow print with a green lining since I am trying to stick to a green theme for baby anyways. Since I have no energy and time is just running out, I decided to have my diaper bag made for me and I would make the accessories for it myself. But since I am so close, I may not get it until after He is born. Sort of a bummer but we will see what happens.


For this year's big game, we headed to the Superbowl party at our church. It was such a fun night of fellowship and football. I think it is absolutely awesome that the Seahawks made it to the Superbowl and actually WON! We grew up in Washington so it was really neat. I am not a huge Football fan but I was sure rooting for my home state for sure.

It was a potluck party so I made some homemade Buffalo Chicken chip dip.