Saturday, August 27, 2011

Everything is breaking

I swear, as soon as he leaves, whether it be for training or Deployment, something breaks! This time, its the lights and fuse box. I have NO lights in the front of the house.. no kitchen, dining room or living room lights. Also don't have any bedroom lights either. I can't turn on the TV or anything for that matter. the 110 plugs are all out and I can't figure out the fuse box to turn them back on. But all the European plugs still work so I can still use my computer since it is dual voltage. I could just call up Army housing and have them help but I will look stupid and its not their job.  Plus I should know how to do this.. but the fuse box is only half the problem, the bedroom, living room, and dining room lights really are all out and need to be replaced. I guess I will have to go see if the PX sells them today. Talk about frustrating! How does 7 lights go out in a week? I mean really?!
173rd ABCT Jump I also wanted to share this video of a 173rd soldier (Steve's brigade) during an Airborne jump. Steve has a few of these videos of him jumping that he recorded but its not as clear as this so I thought I would share. Its pretty neat to watch.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deployment Talk

It had been 4 days since Steve left for the field and it has been rough! The first night I broke down and prayed that this would be it and to not put my husband I and through another Deployment. He answered my prayer and Steve called today with the news that his Commander made an exception for him and he will not be deploying and will be getting out of the Army as he had planned. I am so thankful and relived. Words can not express it. I just had to share that. I know plans can change in the Army but his Commander is sure trying to help us out since we don't want to stay in but as of right now, no more Deployments! YAY! Had to share the news! A little over two weeks until he can come home for a couple weeks then back out to the Field he goes. I can't wait to be in his arms again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tips on keeping their paws cool

Germany hasn't had that bad of heat so for this Summer.. until now. Tubbles is having a real problem with it and since Germany doesn't use AC, I have to find other ways to keep baby cool. So this is what I have come up with that I wanted to share with every one else who has the same problem.

For Cats!
A cat that becomes overheated in summer can suffer from dehydration, shallow breathing, and can even get heatstroke. Keeping your cat cool is an important part of ensuring that he/she enjoys a safe and happy summer, especially if there's a heat wave.
Cool your cat down with dampened towels. Most cats don't like getting wet but you can at least help cool their fur down a little with dampened towels. Simply dampen a cloth or paper towel and gently stroke your cat with the cloth or towel from the top of her head and down her back. Do this a couple of times a day if it's very hot.

  • The places where cats get the warmest are their bellies, the pads on their paws, their armpits, under their chins, and on the outside of their ears. Concentrate on keeping these spots cool.
  • Another way to use a small kitchen towel is to soak it with water and place it in the freezer. When the towel gets cold enough, lay it out on a smooth kitchen or bathroom floor for your cat to lie on; if it's too cold for your cat, leave it there as it'll warm up enough over time. Don't force your cat onto it – simply introduce her to it and if she likes it, she can make up her own mind.
Provide access to a good, constant supply of water for hydration. Dehydration is a real risk for cats during the heat of summer, so constant access to water is essential. Fill her water bowl and check that it's always filled during hot weather (indeed, a cat should have access to clean water at all times of the year).

You could try adding ice cubes to a second bowl of water. Not all cats will appreciate this but it's worth trying and if she likes it, she has access to some very cool water. However, don't make this the only source of her water because if she finds it too cold, she'll get dehydrated by avoiding drinking it. You might be able to encourage licking of and drinking from ice cubes if you flavor them with chicken or beef stock.

Then there is what I do for Tubbles, dip her paws in some cool water and keep the fan on her. That seems to do the trick. There is many other tips and tricks to keeping them cool but I wanted to at least list a few.

**The symptoms of heatstroke in a cat include agitation, extreme distress, stretching out and panting heavily, skin hot to the touch, vomiting, glazed eyes, drooling and staggering. Untreated, the cat will collapse into a coma and die. If you see any of these signs, get to the veterinary clinic immediately.

For Dogs!
Heat stroke begins with heavy panting and difficulty breathing. The tongue and mucous membranes appear bright red. The saliva is thick and tenacious, and the dog often vomits. The rectal temperature rises to 104 - 110F (40 - 43.3C). The dog becomes progressively unsteady and passes bloody diarrhea. As shock sets in, the lips and mucous membranes turn gray. Collapse, seizures, coma, and death rapidly ensue.

Dogs sweat through their mouth and paws.. so cool drinking water and cool paw dipping water will help. If you can, let your dog go swimming in a kitty pool in the backyard (in the shade).

A trick that can be used is just wiping them down with a cool towel. Yep, same as cats.

I grew up with two dogs and what we used to do for them during the Summer is ice cubes in their drinking water and as a treat. My dogs would crunch up ice cubes like they were bones and loved them.. plus it cooled them off. (if you use the ice cube in water technique for cats, make sure there is another bowl of water with no ice cubes because if the water is too cold for them, they won't drink it and dehydrate as I said above).

** All these ideas were from my own experiences with being an animal owner and tips I got from the internet and school. I hope this info helps at least one of you. Didn't want to take time to write all this out for nothing! Hope everyone has a safe, COOL Summer!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Preparing for the Field

 Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

Whew, I am wore out! All weekend I have been helping Steve get prepared for the upcoming Field Training. Saturday I marked, numbered, and organized hand guns, rifles, and night goggles. Sunday I alphabetized the troop's hand receipts (the papers that says who got what gun) and put it in a big binder! I actually had a lot of fun though. Makes me miss working that much more.

Even though I did have fun, it never left my mind that Monday, they leave for two months to train and prepare for the next Deployment, and it turns out that Steve might just deploy with them.. They are trying to pull Stop Loss on him. Still waiting to hear back from his Commander if it will actually happen or not.
  During this field training, he will get two weeks to come home in the middle of it but still having to go to work every day and once he comes back after Field training is over, we will have less then 6 months left in the Army (if they decide not to deploy him). So we just have to get past this and then we will be on the home stretch to going back to beautiful America with a few more field trainings in between. I need to start thinking of ways to stay busy. Its going to be hard not having him come home every night.. But its nothing I haven't been through before. This is Army life. There will be more field trainings after this. This is just the start. Oh, the life of an Army wife.

Tubbles watching her Daddy getting ready to leave her again.

I got him a DSi as a gift.. He has been eyeballing it for awhile now and it will give him something to do on his down time.
Tubbles wrapped in the ribbons

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Career Diploma

I am DONE!! I tried really hard to get a high lesson average because that's what employers look at but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I got an 86 which is a B average. Some of that stuff was really hard and I took the exams thinking I was ready and clearly wasn't. I passed and that is all that matters. Penn Foster does a lot of career development stuff so I will be taking advantage of that. They help you build a really nice resume and teach you what to do in interviews and things like that. It's nice to be done but in all reality, I don't feel like I accomplished much since its just a career diploma. I am really considering just continuing on to get my degree. I think I will talk with Steve about it and look more into where I want to go from here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Acid Reflux

I have Acid Reflux. I went to the doctors for bad stomach pains when Steve was deployed and was told that it was Acid. She just told me to start taking Tums whenever I have the pain and actually it works. It is a horrible pain and with Tums, it goes away so fast.
  Well, I haven't told anyone besides Steve, but I have been having PCVs. Its where my Heart has been fluttering and skips a beat. I thought it was nothing at first and ignored it, and now 5 months later since it has started, it happens every day every hour. It even has pain to it now and last longer.. some times it feels like my heart stops altogether but finally starts bounding and can't slow down. I had Steve feel my pulse as it has its "episode" and you can actually feel my heart/pulse stop. Its very scary.
  Wednesday, at our monthly FRG Meeting (Family Readiness Group), my heart was fluttering constantly and having a hard time getting back to normal. I felt like I was going to pass out and I knew I had to get to the doctors. So the next day, I called the Army clinic on post and asked to get a "urgent appointment" (appointments that are same day and don't need an actual appointment with your regular doctor) but with my symptoms, they told me to just go to the Nurse's station. So I did just that.
  I had an EKG done on my Heart.

They said what was going on had nothing to do with my Heart and that I had the healthiest Heart they had ever seen. It is, in fact, my Acid Reflux getting worse and acid has been shooting up my  Esophagus causing it to be very weak and is now spasming.  The Nurse said the Acid reflux is the problem and hurting my Esophagus and that I need to be on something a little more constant for it besides Tums. So I take medicine twice a day to keep the Acid out of my Esophagus. My heart was having PCVs because of my Esophagus spasming and so my Heart was reacting to it. That is my scary story! I have another appointment next week to see how the medication is working and to see if my heart has been fluttering anymore. I have had one "episode" that was so mild, I almost didn't feel it. I feel so much better even though there is a lot I can't eat now, such as caffeine and acidic foods. Today has been really rough without Caffeine. I usually take Exenadrine in the mornings before I work out but I can't do that anymore since its pretty much all caffeine. I think I am going through "withdrawal" from it since I have been taking it for so long. I have a horrible headache. But I got to make changes for my Health.

Food Group Foods With Little Potential to Cause Heartburn
Fruit • Apple, fresh
• Apple, dried
• Apple juice
• Banana
Vegetables • Baked potato
• Broccoli
• Cabbage
• Carrots
• Green beans
• Peas
Meat • Ground beef, extra-lean
• Steak, London Broil
• Chicken breast, skinless
• Egg whites
• Egg substitute
• Fish, no added fat
Dairy • Cheese, feta or goat
• Cream cheese, fat-free
• Sour cream, fat-free
• Soy cheese, low-fat
Grains • Bread, mult-grain or white
• Cereal, bran or oatmeal
• Corn bread
• Graham crakers
• Pretzels
• Rice, brown or white
• Rice cakes
Beverages • Mineral water
Fats / Oils • Salad dressing, low-fat
Sweets / Desserts • Cookie, fat-free
• Jelly beans
• Red licorice
• Potato chips, baked

Food Group Foods To Avoid
Fruit • Orange juice
• Lemon
• Lemonade
• Grapefruit juice
• Cranberry juice
• Tomato
Vegetables • French fries
• Onion, raw
Meat • Ground beef, chuck
• Marbled sirloin
• Chicken nuggets
• Buffalo wings
Dairy • Sour cream
• Milk shake
• Ice cream
• Cottage cheese, regular
Grains • Macaroni and cheese
• Spaghetti with sauce
Beverages • Liquor
• Wine
• Coffee, decaffeinated or regular
• Tea, decaffeinated or regular
Fats / Oils • Salad dressing, creamy
• Salad dressing, oil & vinegar
Sweets / Desserts • Butter cookie, high-fat
• Brownie
• Chocolate
• Doughnut
• Corn chips
• Potato chips, regular

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crafts with Tubbles

..It never works out. She is a toddler in a cat's body. I was trying to thread the needle in my sewing machine and get everything ready to make a coin purse and she had other plans. I had to lock her out of the room while I was actually sewing because I could just see her getting her paw up there and giving me a heart attack.
Thinking.. Thinking..


A little uneven with the strips but I got it done and made.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day two of Babysitting!

WHOA!! I don't know if I will ever recover from the changing of the nastiest diaper EVER! I can still smell it in my nostrils. Its not even 2 in the afternoon and I have already changed 4 diapers today! What is this kid eating?

Today is day two of watching Peyton while Kerri is in the hospital. She is doing much better and they are planning on inducing her tonight! Brian (Kerri's husband) is going to pick up Peyton tonight and she is staying the night at someone else's house while Brian stays over night with Kerri at the hospital and hopefully with their new baby, Baylor. She will be back in the morning and I will be watching her every day until they go home. She won't be leaving the hospital until Baylor is born. Though it has been fun having Peyton over, there is no better birth control then babysitting. Steve and I both agree.
oh, the joys of babysitting

Mr. Mom (Steve feeding Peyton dinner)
Our FRG had another fund raiser for our Unit. Throw blankets! You have to check these out! It has the duty station (Schweinfurt Germany), and the Unit (1st Squadron 91 Cavalry Regiment) with the insignia in the middle. The unit is moving to Italy where the rest of the brigade is (173rd Airborne Combat Team) in a couple years so its a nice souvenir of our first and only duty station while its still located in Germany. I think we are going to keep it on the couch!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Dogs Purpose

I have been reading! I kept hearing about this great book called A Dog's Purpose. I have been reading it for about three days now and almost done with it. It sure is a page turner. It gives you a real inside look into a dogs mind and how they see things through their eyes! It is a must read. I can't seem to put the darn thing down and I am not much of a reader at all. Such a good book. Very interested to see how it ends.
  Last night I did manage to put it down for a few hours to go bowling with Army SGT Brian Moore (Steve's NCO-Non Commissioned Officer) and his wife Kerri. They are expecting their second baby to be born this week (It's a GIRL!) and I will be watching their toddler, Peyton, when the time comes. Can't wait to meet baby Baylor.
  While bowling, we all bet on McDonald's McFlurries. We played a few games and we all ended up winning  at one point so we all went to McDonalds after wards. Fun night!
  I know a few posts ago, I said that Steve started school with CTC, but for some reason he didn't get enrolled right. It has been such a mess... I don't know of he is going to be able to finish, or start for the matter, the classes he needs to be accepted in to the Nursing program at Penn State University. Guess we will all have to sit and wait to see how this all plays out.

Let me introduce to you my new camera! I dropped my Cannon and since then, it hasn't been acting the same. It is my first "rugged" camera, which means it is waterproof, shockproof, sand proof, and dust proof. It also has many settings including Panoramic and underwater... and GPS. Yes, I bought a camera with a GPS. I love it.
Fujifilm FinePix XP30.. all mine!
I love color so I was extra happy when I saw they had an assortment of colors to choose from.

I first learned about this camera from the Backpackers Magazine that Steve picked up from the Shoppette. Another really cool thing that was in the magazine was a 500 dollar gift card to RedStar WorldWear, a new brand that just came out with a line of fashionable sturdy Sport sunglasses and watches. We thought it was too good to be true so we went to the site and picked out two sunglasses each (this brand is not cheap) and Steve also picked out a good quality watch and all we had to pay was 100.00. What a great deal. They are in beginning stages of the Brand and all they want is feed back on the products.
  Someone stole Steve's Oakley sunglasses I got him for Christmas so this was prefect timing. It will be a few weeks until we get them in the mail.

As I am writing this, I got a call from my husband saying he is bringing Kerri and Brian's daughter, Peyton, over for me to watch and that Kerri was at the hair salon when she passed out and started seizing, and now is at the local German hospital. I am very worried about her. She could be getting induced today if the baby is in danger. The Baby is a different blood type so Kerri's body thinks it is an infection and trying to kill it. Kerri has had to get an Iron IV everyday for the last couple of weeks.  Praying she is okay and the baby is still strong and healthy.

OH, I almost forgot, I am learning to Sew! I made my first wallet about a week ago! I was pretty proud my myself! Pretty cute, right?