The art of Homemaking

Nearly four years into my marriage, I find myself at a lack of knowledge in the art of Homemaking. I read a post today, on one of my favorite Biblical homemaking blogs, stating that Homemaking IS a career and to study and learn to improve as much as you can. I have never thought as my role of being a homemaker as a career. But you know what, it is absolutely true.
It helped open my eyes to the fact of how much I still have, and want, to learn but not really making any effort to do so. I want to perfect my skills of being a Homemaker and strive to be a Proverbs 31 women before we have children. I am so blessed to be given the time to stay home and focus on my career before I get pregnant.
In the post I mentioned above, it said to write a list of all the things you want to learn and just start doing one at a time and keep checking them off. So instead of writing them on a notepad to be lost or thrown away later, I'll write them here so you can also see my progress and to hopefully inspire other young women to improve their homemaking skills.

Learn to sew better/take a class (to frugally decorate our home)
Learn to make & convert to homemade cleaners
Learn to bake
Learn how to cook whole foods from scratch
Learn how to make & convert to homemade laundry soap
Learn to change a flat tire
Learn to coupon
Learn to budget more effectively
Learn effective ways to rid homes of Mold
Learn how to can veggies and fruits
Learn all about Christian Homeschooling
Learn about home birth
Put together a Homemaking binder
Learn to cut my own hair
Learn to cut my husbands hair
Learn all about cloth diapers
Learn to make homemade pickles (just like how my Dad used to make)

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