Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a mess..

I am not really in to politics and I rarely watch the news but when word starts floating around post, everyone knows about it!! Well I am really worried about what is about to happen to this Government! Just found out that tomorrow is going to be the last day all Commissaries (grocery stores on Military posts) is going to be open until the Government financial mess is figured out! If we lived in the USA it would be no problem because we could go to WalMart or a grocery store, but this is the only place we shop for groceries since going off post means going to a German grocery store that we cant even pronounce. All of post is going to go stock up on food and it is going to be a mad house tomorrow ..Ive already been told by a few friends that the Commissary is already out of a lot of things!
  And to top it all off, there still isn't word if Military service members will be getting paid on the 15th! So here we are, stocking up on a whole bunch of groceries and not knowing if there will be another pay check coming in! Man, this is what we get for joining the Army! Thanks Government!! -just a rant from me, an Army wife scared that the bills won't be paid.. I mean we get free housing since we live on post but what about gas, car insurance, school tuition, food, cable/internet, phone and everything else!! I hope the Government can figure out this budget mess and QUICK!! 

UPDATE- I just checked Steve's LES (what says what his next paycheck will be) and we are only getting half of a paycheck! Talked to a few other wives and they are only getting half also!!  Looks like this will be the last payday until the budget is resolved! I'm starting to get nervous about the future! 

UPDATE 2- The Government finally decided to do another temporary spending plan that will be active until Thursday! So hopefully since the Government didn't shut down that it means we get a full paycheck on the 15th! Crossing our fingers because we want to start saving as much money as possible so we have a 'just in case' fund if the Gov't does eventually shut down which is still a possibility because they still don't know when they will have the spending plan set in stone!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bamberg Army Post

Last weekend we went and explored Bamberg Army Post! Bamberg holds some of the 173rd Airborne Combat Team, Steve's brigade. Although it is more known that the 173rd is in Italy which is where the majority of the brigade is... Schweinfurt and Bamberg are a few in Germany that holds small units of the 173rd ABCT.  I was shocked at how small their PX was! ..and I thought ours was small.
Welcome sign

Entrance to the PX (Post Exchange)


173rd Airborne insignia (on the right)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is here!

I love this time of the year!! I can open the windows in the morning, hear the birds singing, let the sun shine in, Tubbles can go out on the balcony and enjoy the Vitamin D and Germany is starting to be really beautiful! ..The trees and flowers are blooming!I am wanting to get some flowers for the balcony soon.
  Steve is starting to really not enjoy work, his unit has a lot of really shady people in it and all week he has been staying late at the office doing paperwork.. I tried to stay with him last night but I got tired and went home at 10 pm.. He didn't get home till mid night! Hes breaking his back for his new XO (Executive Officer) who is a complete waste of skin. He can not wait to get back to the States.
  School has been going slow! Its getting harder and since Steve has been working a lot, I haven't had help on it but it will be okay!
  A few photos of the Spring season so far..
We love Summer BBQs
Stephen ready for Payday Activities

On a Picnic

I also wanted to share how my night went last night! Its pretty much all I can think about.

I woke up at 2-3am this morning! Usually Tubbles sleeps either on my pillow next to my head or next to my ribs under the blankets with me.. This morning I woke up with her gone and then I noticed she was laying all bunched up in a ball by herself at the corner of the bed but still kind close to my head! I tried to wake her up and no response. I felt her and she was really cold so I started crying and shook her really hard but still nothing.. I woke Steve up and he started trying to shake her and about 30 seconds later he yelled to me that she finally woke up! It scared me and I never want to go through that again! Tubbles is my life and has got me through so many things! It wouldn't be a lie to say she is my back bone! Steve and I constantly woke up through the rest of the night to check up on Tubbles.. I even woke up a few times and got to watch Steve cuddling with her! I'm so blessed to have such a caring husband that cares for what I care for. 
Our beautiful baby girl

Sleeping beauty