Monday, May 27, 2013

New Believer's Bible

Awhile ago, I was searching online for more information about the Bible to try and understand what I was reading as I was so new to the faith. I came across this online church called Although I was not a huge fan of the sermons I watched form there, they did have a free What's Next kit for those new to the faith. I went ahead and ordered it to maybe get a better understanding of everything since it was all new.
Anyways, I received it in the mail a few days ago and the book that came with it is called How to Find God, A new Believers Bible. Its a study bible that lays all the foundation at the beginning of the book. It has everything from who God is, who Jesus is, what the trinity is, whats Heaven, whats Hell, whats angels, whats demons.. etc. I am really enjoying it and is helping me understand hard questions I had such as if Jesus was God in the flesh, then why did he pray on the cross to God..if he was God... did he know he was God or did he just have the Holy spirit? Well, I am still at the beginning of the book and learning more each sentence I read.

I wanted to share this free book to those that are also new believers and reading through the Bible for the first time. It can get confusing and I am so thankful for this Book. I believe God knew I was having a hard time with understanding the Bible and gave me this book.

Get a copy for yourself for free here.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lums Pond Camping

In celebration of our birthdays (ours is exactly one week apart), we headed to Lums Pond State Park for two days of camping with our puppy. Just two days of sitting around the fire, talking, laughing, eating smores, and letting Gunyr explore. It was well needed. We had a rule of not bringing any electronics except phones which stayed in the car and only used for the exception. It was absolutely wonderful.
Roasting marshmallows

Its a bit chilly

Cooking some breakfast

Kisses for Mama

"let me get a sample, Dad"

Lums Pond

Panoramic of Lums Pond


Start of four hour hike around Lums Pond that we did not go on

"Like my jacket?"

18 weeks old

Monday, May 20, 2013

Letters from Training

I have been doing some serious cleaning. All week I have been scrubbing our home from floor to ceiling. Even through my birthday this last week, I cleaned for the majority of the day. We decided not do to anything for our birthdays (on our actual day of birth) this year and instead do a camping trip later this month. Since the decision, there was no shame in doing hard labor on my birthday since my day of rest and being pampered would come soon enough.

The bedroom was the last room on my list of cleaning and as I was going through the clutter that is currently no more, I found our memory box and in it was sweet letters from Steve when he was in Basic Training at Fort Benning. Sitting there, losing motivation to continue cleaning, I was reading them and enjoying the memories it brought back. I was his fiance at the time and waiting for him to graduate and to be married to my soldier. I was working my last months at Taco Bell about to move to a new country (Germany) and become a Homemaker. I remember I could hardly hold my excitement in when thinking about what was to come just around the corner. Such wonderful memories.

Another wonder treasured item I got to see that has been awhile is my engagement ring. We were so young, in love, and broke but wanted to be as traditional as possible with what we were given. So a small, but beautiful, ring would have to do. That was on my finger for almost three years until we got married and got the bridal set I have on my finger now. I love my engagement ring and hold it dearly to my heart. I would still be wearing my engagement on my right hand but its now too small from a bit of weight gain over the years and have not been able to get it sized. 
My engagement on the left and bridal, that I put in there for the photo, on the right. Its now back where it belong; on my finger.
 And the awesome box you see? That was a wedding gift from my wonderful Mother-in-Law (Steve's Mom). Its our keep sake box that holds all our wonderful memories from when we were young including the letters from training and my beautiful engagement ring. I also found letters/notes in there that I kept from when we were courting in High school. Completely made my day.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Traditional gender roles

 Whenever I was given the option to do a reading plan in regard to the scriptures, I always shied away from it because I wanted to read the Bible cover to cover. Well that has changed with this wonderful app I wanted to share with you. The name of it (Holy Bible) pretty much covers what its all about but it has this cool feature of reading plans. They have devotionals, topics, etc. Steve and I started a 5 day Love and Marriage reading plan to learn more about what Jesus wants from us and our roles in the marriage.
Every morning we sit, eat, read the provided scriptures, talk about it, and then pray. Its a wonderful way to start the day. Its been only two days and it really seems like we have gotten closer since starting it. We are going to make devotionals a morning routine now. We want to make Jesus apart of our every day life in everything we do more then we already do now and having a daily devotional is a great start. I take my role as a biblical women very seriously and I just love studying His word.
I believe and know to be true that if you are going to follow Jesus Christ, you have actual live it and make him the center of everything you do. You can't cherry pick what to believe in the Bible and decide to ignore certain teachings.

Jesus is Lord! "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" --Mat 6:33

Since I have started this wonderful journey with our Heavenly Father, our lives have become less complicated. I really do believe that life without Christ is really hard and I know from experience. I have not always been faithful in striving to be a women of God on a daily basis. I grew up in the Mormon church and strayed as I became a reckless teenager. I am so glad to have Him back in my life as the center of my everything. 
Although, just if your curious, I have not returned to the Mormon church. My husband and I actually did explore Mormonism as well as polygamy. We wanted to learn why today's society is against polygamy when its so common in the Bible. I watched many documentary on Mormonism and learned the only reason why the LDS church banned it is because they wanted to be right with the law which was against it but Mormons themselves say that the Church had a revelation that the need to practice polygamy was no longer required on this Earth to get to the highest heaven. So now there is the LDS and FLDS (fundamental LDS).
The Lord did not have us continue in exploring that path and now are more interesting in the Baptist church for teachings.

 In the last two readings of our devotionals I have learned so much. The topic of gender roles, and the roles God gave men and women in marriage, came up when we read these scriptures:

"Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body" --Ephesians 5:22-23

But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.--1 Corinthians 11:3

In today's society, the term submission does not sit well with people. I love this video I found on Time Warp Wife best in attempt show that submission is not what society thinks it means. There is no domination and I, as a wife, do have a voice. Its about love and knowing he has your best interest at heart. Darlene Schacht (the women in this video) is also an author of the book The Good Wife's Guide: embracing your role as a help meet. I am just dying to get my paws on this book. There are so many good books on the kindle app written by women that have my same values that are more experienced and I wish I could read them all.

I have always believed in traditional gender roles. My dream was [and is] to stay home and raise children, please my husband with a clean home and nutritious meal on the table waiting for him at night. My love for animals did have me pursue a career in that for awhile when I went to college to become a Vet Tech but in the end, I am not working outside the home and enjoying being a Homemaker. The Lord put me right back where I need to be.
I can't speak for my husband but we have talked and this is what he feels is right in his heart as well; me staying home and hopefully one day being a stay at home Mommy but that will be on God's timing.  I dream of my day being filled with homeschooling, cleaning, cooking wholesome meals, Bible study.. ahh, I look forward to the day I enter Motherhood. 
We have read the scriptures together surrounding a women's role and we do believe and trust that this is what the Lord wants from me. We do believe that Man is above the wife and although I do have a say in matters, he does hold authority and has the final say in it. 
We thank God for Jesus because without him, we wouldn't have the Bible to guide us in life. It has the answers people seek all the way down to how the Lord in Heaven wants us to dress. Its amazing. Each time I read the Bible, I learn something new and I change a little bit more. Jesus is changing my life and outlook on it and its just amazing! I dress more modestly [Timothy 2:9], be kind to everyone I meet [Ephesians 4:32], and work to be the best wife I can be to my wonderful hardworking husband [Proverbs 31].
God has a plan for all of us and the more I let him in to my heart and follow his word, the more fulfilled my life gets! I believe that my role God has given me is being Steve's helpmeet (yes, helpmeet). I have been called to stay home and lead a biblical homemaking life. Its so much more then making sure the house is cleaned and the laundry is done. It is important to God, Steve and I and it hurts when you are considered a second class citizen by your peers because I am not climbing the corporate latter. And just to think it wasn't so long ago that all women stayed home before the Equal Rights Amendment was approved.

To be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.--Titus 2:5

A great website I learned about that I also wanted to share with those who share my views is I love this site. Its full of tips and topics regarding young wives for gospel centered homemaking. Enjoy :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Clicker Training

At 15 weeks, we started clicker training Gunyr. He has really taken to it and we have made some good progress in his obedience. He now knows how to sit, lay down, back to sit from lay down, shake (his paw), come, stay until recalled, and fetch! We got one of the Chuck It fetch toys that make the ball go farther and he just loves it. We are now working on standing on command, catch (a treat), and of course, heel. There is a you-tuber that I follow that teaches how to do cool dog tricks like fetching a drink from the fridge, that Gunyr will be working on soon. The page is called tab289. Check him out. I will soon post a video of Gunyr's progress on our you tube, maybe around his 20 weeks so he has some time to practice more for the camera.
14 weeks (with his baby teeth still in)

15 weeks

16 weeks

big boy teeth coming in (16 weeks here)

A bit has happened since I blogged last. Tubbles had her yearly vet check up and vaccinations. I am worried about her weight gain. She is now 9 1/2 lbs. Her vet said she has had some significant weight gain since her last check up and gave me a recommendation for feedings. I still haven't started it because I am so scared of her being hungry. She has always been on free feedings; there's always food in the bowl. Now Bunker is getting a belly and I know I need to do something.

my sleepy boy. He is nine months old this month!

..and sleepy girl. She turns seven years old this month!

Got the carrier out for Bub to go to the vet and since Bunker has not yet had a yearly vet visit, he doesn't know he will soon hate carriers. Haha.

sun bathing

Play time! I love the look in Bub's face.

working while hanging with my wonderful husband.

Todays is actually a big day for my husband! He applied for a position in the company he works for about a month ago and has done about four interviews for it within that time. It would be a wonderful promotion for him and would almost double his salary. Today is that last interviews he has with the company righter-ups (without a better term for them). Hopefully he learns if he gets the promotion today but there are other candidates so who knows when we find out. If he doesn't get selected, he has decided to leave the company to join me in working from home but he will be doing it full time. Its near the same pay as the promotion he is working towards so either way, he will be moving on from what he is doing now. We prayed together before he left for work this morning and what happens next is all in God's hands.

Later that day: My husband called and he nailed his interviews! He got his promotion and is going to be the "Boss Man"! After a few weeks of training in Pennsylvania, he will be the boss! Wow, words go beyond how proud of him I am. He has only worked there a year and is going to be above those who trained him. He is such a hard working man, there is no better hands for this sort of responsibility to be in. I am just so proud of him, I am beaming!