Home Videos

A few of our favorite home videos, we are always putting the new ones up here. To view them all, visit our You Tube channel at www.youtube.com/CrystalCox516. All videos below will open in a new window.

Gunyr's first Bark Park experience- Click here.
Bunker says "Good Morning"- Click here
Jumping for a bug- Click here
Bunker wants the bug- Click here
Grooming time- Click here
Bunker still suckles- Click here
Bunker begging like hes starved- Click here
Playing with dinner- Click here
Eating Chex Mix- Click here
Bub gives kisses- Click here
Ball of yarn- Click here
Bunker playing in the Water- Click here
Tubbles is mean in CatNip- click here
The kids getting to know each other- click here
Bunker jumped in the fridge!- click here
Bunker playing with his new toys- click here
Playing footsie with Bunker- click here
Tubbles chasing the laser- click here
Hurricane Sandy (episode 1)- Click here
Hurricane Sandy (episode 2)- Click here
Exploring Army Lodging- Click here
Cats out of the bag- Click here
Tubbles inside the box- click here
Cinnamon Challenge- click here
Sticky Tape- click here
Tubbles and the broom- click here
Stealthy Tubbles- click here
Avoiding the cat carrier- click here
Ruining the moment- Click here
Annoying my Mom- click here
Steve gets Tasered- click here
Tubbles and the ink pen- click here
Cat Grass- click here
The missing Turkey mystery- click here
Tubbles Christmas Toys- click here
Drunk at the Irish Pub- Click here
The Sleeve- Click here
Nicotine freak out- click here
Missing Daddy- click here
Licking bottles- click here
Catch my toes- click here
Tubbles VS String- click here
Tubbles loves her Daddy- click here
Tubbles and the Sharpie- click here
Driving on the German Autobahn- click here
Thanksgiving Rock Band- click here
Deployment Homecoming- click here
Volksfest rides- click here
Airborne Operation- click here
Hanging at my brothers house- click here

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