Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The worst of this Hurricane hit through the night last night. I went to bed early since I was so tired but Steve stayed up for awhile and he said the wind was hitting the building real hard but besides that, it didn't get too much worse then it had been. Our electricity never went out, thank the Lord, but as I am watching The Weather Channel, there are folks that are not that lucky. I hope the East Coast shores will recover quickly. I obviously wasn't able to get a good video of the worst of the storm since it was pitch black out but here is one I made of a few more clips of the weather and how we are passing the time during the Hurricane as well as the aftermath around town that we got some videos and pictures of.

Here is a compilation of pictures (some you will see again as you scroll on down) and videos. It is Video 2 of our enounter with Hurricane Sandy. You can find the link to Video 1 on the previous post, Preparing for Sandy, or on our YouTube channel. To view Video 2, click here.

Entertaining the baby during the Hurricane

Yeah, we were prepared!

My camera all taped up ready to go out in the storm and capture the moment. I'm pretty sure I need to be a Meteorologist. I just loved doing this but always had a panic attack when a drop of water got on my new camera. I also discovered that iPhones still work when they are in zip lock bags. You can still interact with them. Thats what I had to do out there to keep my phone with me but not get it wet.

A few photos from surveying the damage at Battery Park in New Castle, DE.

What once was a pretty dock now just a bunch of floating boards



AFTER.. again
..and again. Here you can see a few lights in the water and in the back you can see what they are suppost to look like.

Pretty view of the bridge to New Jersey.

A sweet little squirrel eating a snack

Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

The last couple of days have been crazy. We were constantly running around getting ready for Sandy. We went to Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Dicks Camping, ect just looking for different things. The one thing that was sold out of everywhere was a battery and/or hand cranked emergency radio. Our electricity has not went out [yet] but 1500 people in DE are already out. The Hurricane is going to go right over us staring in about three hours. The wind is blowing crazy hard and the roads are flooded. There is a level two driving restriction for our whole state (Delaware)... whatever that means. The Southern part of DE has already been evacuated.
At Home Depot

Out of water at Costco.. woah! Good thing we stocked up early

No bread at Walmart
Telephone poles are already being broken. This is right outside our front door. Notice the lake forming as well?
The Hurricane isn't even expected for another three hours!

Last night I just spent my time cleaning so we didn't have dirty/molding dishes in the sink or on the counters if the electricity did go out. I pre-made meals that still tastes good cold so we don't need to reheat them,  vacuumed, caught up on laundry, filled up on gas, withdrew cash, put water in zip lock bags and froze them to keep freezer cold for longer (just in case), charged all electronics, etc. We also got a Mophie (iphone juice pank).. you know I can't go without my phone. But I was doing all of this while my husband got all of his survival stuff out like his camp stove, lantern, flash lights, glow sticks etc. Funny to see how the wife prepares and the husband prepares. Its nice in these times to have a survivalist as a husband. That is a fun hobby for him and he is just loving having something happen to put all that knowledge to action. He is just loving it.

A few funny stories:

Steve tried to have the awkward conversation with me on where we would do our "business" at if the electricity went out. He wanted to buy some buckets but I hadn't really though of it. About an hour later, as we went to fight the panicked crowd at Home Depot, we noticed a lady walk by with with two buckets in her hand and we just started laughing hard at our inside joke because as soon as we saw that, we knew what each other was thinking.

We went to Staples to look for radios as well and the storm was brewing so the seagulls were all out flying above and enjoying the cool weather. I didn't think much of it so I got in the car. When I took my bag off to set it on my lap in the car, I noticed some gooey stuff on it. I realized a bird went potty on my bag.. my expensive Coach hand bag. Thank goodness I have the most amazing Coach fabric cleaner. Didn't take any effort at all to clean it up once we got home. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to get it out. It was so gross.

Here is a video we did just to record our experience with our first Hurricane and so all you family and friends can see. We will do another as we are in the worst of the storm. Hurricane Sandy

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My new toy

Yesterday was my last day at school and I got my certificate of completion and my check. Whats neat about Job Corps that they pay YOU to go to school. I got paid every two weeks and then you get a pretty big chunk of money when you graduate. I am planning on saving most of it but I had to buy myself a little something for a job well done. I finally got a new awesome camera! FINALLY! You know I have always wanted one of those cool professional cameras that makes wonderful photos. I am one happy clown right now. WOO HOO! I just wish I had it for when we were in Germany but I had a decent one then too but I am so excited for my new one.
Certification of Completion

We are planning on traveling the East Coast while we still live here so I am very excited to get to use my new camera for those awesome memories.

Having fun with my new Camera: 

No wonder why its so cold at night, our insulation is being stolen! But you can't be mad at that sweet little face.

I just love the crystal clear picture it gives you.

My husband thought he was being cute by taking this. My cheeks full of Taco Bell's Baja Blast.

On other exciting news,  Hurricane Sandy is coming our way. I had no idea until we were at Costco yesterday (getting my camera) and it was completely packed with people with carts full of bottled water and toilet paper, then my husband told me about the Hurricane. That's what I get for never watching the News. Then we got home to a notice on the door for how to prepare our apartment to prevent as much damage as possible. We are from Idaho so we are not afraid of weather, I am actually excited to see what its like in a Hurricane, its my first. But the people here are buying crazy amounts and the line at Costco was backed up to like 20 in each.. it was insane... but its true you can never be to prepared.
We went back to Costco today and stocked up on water, canned food, batteries for flashlights, and everything we might need just in case. We also went to Walmart and they were completely out of water (thank goodness for Costco).  Anything could happen and the news is saying that its most likely going to knock out our power for a week starting by Sunday night or Monday. Bring it on Sandy,  we are ready!
Costco is never this low on carts

No water at walmart

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Job Corps Graduate

I FINALLY passed my Microsoft Office Excel 2010 certification. That was the last assignment, so what does that mean..? I am DONE! There were a lot of "Congratulations". I was so nervous and had to calm my breathing constantly. It was a pretty nerve wrecking day. After a pep talk from my husband and what seemed like the longest exam ever, I did a lot of running around to get my file completed and considered "graduated".

Today, I went in for half a day and I just hung out in the records department with my work based staff, ate Doritos, and did some filing. I am not going to school tomorrow since there is nothing for me to do. I am going in on Friday for my final last day to get my check and say good bye to everyone. I had my exiting interview today to see where I wanted to go in life now. They tried to focus on college but I have been a student for the last two years with Penn Foster Career School, Penn Foster College and then Job Corps.. I just don't want to have that sort of commitment for awhile. I just want to work, make money, save up for a car and other things that I want. You know, normal things 22 year old girls want. Enough with the learning. Guh! In a few years I will maybe think about finally getting that degree in whatever interests me at the time but right now, I am just getting a taste of freedom and not willing to give that up. Plus once we start having kids, I am going to be a full time homemaker (maybe open a home business) so I think I will just see what the professional business world has in store for me for while and see where life take me next.

Just had to share the good news!! Life is good. Celebrating this weekend with a fancy dinner with my wonderful supportive husband.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

One day at school..

  I feel more comfortable talking about Faith and Bible interpretation with others that believe and wont make me feel dumb (even though I don't care what people think, but whats the point in talking with those that don't have an opinion?).. So I went to my Work Based Learning staff member to speak with her about what I have read so far. I know she is very religious and always taking about the Lord so I felt more comfortable going to her. Plus she asked me once what my faith and beliefs were and I just thought she would like to know that I have started reading the Bible for the first time. When I told her, her face just lit up and we talked about it for the next hour. She is super excited and we are both looking forward to talking more as I read more. She was going on and on about all these different fascinating things that happened in the Bible that I have no idea about (yet) and she is looking forward to discussing more, as am I.
  Her and I definitely clicked when we met and she has even said how sad she will be when I graduate because I guess she doesn't find friendship much with students like we did. She always says I am her mini-me.. only white (uhh wow, right?) I feel like we would be friends if we met outside of school as well. Its fun hanging out there for a couple hours of the day.

I also talk with my husband about the Bible  and he asked me "What did you think?" when I finished Genesis. How do I answer that?  If I say "I liked it", then it feels like I am giving a book review like it's a fiction. But I love reading it and its become a way to end my evenings before going to bed.

Anyways, after Work Based I went back to my normal class, I really did not feel like studying even though I only have Excel to complete and then I will be done and graduate.. I still can't find the motivation because it is really difficult. I do not like Excel at all. But since I did not feel like studying, I got out a book that I have been reading called Sister Wives, its from the family of the reality TLC show Sister Wives. Awesome family, I love watching it and the book goes even more in to their lives then the show. It is very interesting.
  When people noticed me reading it, it went from their heated debate of the presidential election to a religious debate. Having debates in there is an everyday thing. I try to block them out and concentrate but that's another reason I cant study well in that class, its so loud and I need to have a very quite place if I am going to get anything done.
  Another obstacle that I am having is everyone always asking for my help. I am constantly helping others when I should be working on my own certification. I need to just start saying "no"!

Hopefully next week is my last week at Job Corps. Crossing my fingers.

Cuddle Bug

What my husband woke up to. This picture is so precious. I just love when she sleeps with me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I grew up in a Mormon home.. that is, my Grandparent's Mormon home. My Dad wasn't religious and my Mom wasn't in the picture. But yet I still went to church every Sunday at the LDS (Latter Day Saints) church with Grandma Beverly and Grandpa Dallas. I have very vivid early memories of the piano playing as everyone would shuffle in to the building. I remember always coloring while my grandparents listened to the preacher. I remember eventually being put in Bible study where I leaned a lot of basic things. I also remember when I once asked my Grandma "where is God?" and she replied "He is everywhere" and I took it way too literately. I was afraid to pull down my pants to go to the bathroom because in my mind there was an invisible man in the bathroom with me that I could not see. That is a funny memory.  I don't remember a Sunday when I didn't go to church before I was 9..maybe 10. As I got older, I noticed my Dad did not go to church with us and I sort of followed in his footsteps in no longer attending and spending the day hanging out at home with him instead, although I always knew there is a God and when I pray, I pray to Him.. so I can't say I lost my belief.
   As I got into my teen years, I went maybe 3 or 4 times back to the LDS church with friends for Sunday service and for fun get together like the Halloween party we had. I had a lot of fun there and always felt comfortable around the people. My grandparents gave me the Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon with my name engraved. I was too young to care enough to read them and to this day I have no idea where they are nor know the doctrines of the Mormon church. I wish I had more interest back then.

  I have recently become more curious with my Faith and beliefs. I think I really found God when my Father died and my new husband was just Deployed to Afghanistan, I soon after had to move in to motel and the troubles just kept coming. The Lord helped me so much and brought me a Pen Pal that I really connected with and helped me in finding myself again. I think it was a test as well but one thing is for sure, I am so much stronger.
 I have always had a relationship with the Lord but never put a religion with it because I know that I had not read the doctrines and I wasn't going to fool myself or anyone else. I wanted to start this awesome journey with the Lord the right way. I got my first Bible and it is very precious to me.. now that I am older, I think I can actually appreciate having my own Bible and so that's why I consider it my first Bible. I love my Bible. I am not too far in reading it but it does speak to me and I do find comfort in it. I may also read The Book of Mormon to see what it says and if it speaks to me as well. I feel a sort of nag to follow my Grandparent's Faith but I think its more important that I find what I feel is true to me.
Of course I had to get it in Purple, it's my favorite color.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh, Crickets!

I just had to share this because I never want to forget it. It was a very big milestone for Tubbles.

Before I tell you the story, I want to share with you something I learned from when I was going to school for Veterinary Technology. I learned a bit about animal behavior which is something that really interests me. When cats bring you (their owner) a dead rodent or bug they have caught and killed and place it in front of you, it is a gift and them showing you they love you, appreciate you and of course want you to know how great of a hunter they are (and actually expect you to gobble it up right there). They do it in such a way that appears to be a distinct gesture of giving. Tubbles has never done this (maybe since she has been an indoor cat her whole life) but with that in mind, here is our sweet little memory..

Since it has gotten to be a bit colder outside as the seasons are changing, we have noticed that there are a few more bugs that are getting inside. I rarely let Tubbles out on the balcony anymore because I just can not stand the bugs and I am very afraid of spiders. Well even with my precautions, there are these Crickets that are somehow getting inside the house. I try and trap them the best I can and free them outside.

One night as Steve and I were lounging around the house watching TV and what not, I noticed Tubbles was acting a bit suspicious and was playing by the bathroom door which is around the corner from the living room so I really couldn't see what exactly she was doing. The next thing I know, she was walking in to the living room meowing loudly and had something in her mouth.. A CRICKET! She dropped it in front of us and just sat there looking at us meowing, making sure we saw it. I wanted to cringe but I knew exactly what that meant and I was just so happy, I almost cried. She is so sweet, I sat on the floor with her and made sure she knew how much I appreciated her gesture.. But I felt bad for the Cricket.

Our little expert hunter