Saturday, October 27, 2012

My new toy

Yesterday was my last day at school and I got my certificate of completion and my check. Whats neat about Job Corps that they pay YOU to go to school. I got paid every two weeks and then you get a pretty big chunk of money when you graduate. I am planning on saving most of it but I had to buy myself a little something for a job well done. I finally got a new awesome camera! FINALLY! You know I have always wanted one of those cool professional cameras that makes wonderful photos. I am one happy clown right now. WOO HOO! I just wish I had it for when we were in Germany but I had a decent one then too but I am so excited for my new one.
Certification of Completion

We are planning on traveling the East Coast while we still live here so I am very excited to get to use my new camera for those awesome memories.

Having fun with my new Camera: 

No wonder why its so cold at night, our insulation is being stolen! But you can't be mad at that sweet little face.

I just love the crystal clear picture it gives you.

My husband thought he was being cute by taking this. My cheeks full of Taco Bell's Baja Blast.

On other exciting news,  Hurricane Sandy is coming our way. I had no idea until we were at Costco yesterday (getting my camera) and it was completely packed with people with carts full of bottled water and toilet paper, then my husband told me about the Hurricane. That's what I get for never watching the News. Then we got home to a notice on the door for how to prepare our apartment to prevent as much damage as possible. We are from Idaho so we are not afraid of weather, I am actually excited to see what its like in a Hurricane, its my first. But the people here are buying crazy amounts and the line at Costco was backed up to like 20 in each.. it was insane... but its true you can never be to prepared.
We went back to Costco today and stocked up on water, canned food, batteries for flashlights, and everything we might need just in case. We also went to Walmart and they were completely out of water (thank goodness for Costco).  Anything could happen and the news is saying that its most likely going to knock out our power for a week starting by Sunday night or Monday. Bring it on Sandy,  we are ready!
Costco is never this low on carts

No water at walmart

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