Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

The last couple of days have been crazy. We were constantly running around getting ready for Sandy. We went to Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Dicks Camping, ect just looking for different things. The one thing that was sold out of everywhere was a battery and/or hand cranked emergency radio. Our electricity has not went out [yet] but 1500 people in DE are already out. The Hurricane is going to go right over us staring in about three hours. The wind is blowing crazy hard and the roads are flooded. There is a level two driving restriction for our whole state (Delaware)... whatever that means. The Southern part of DE has already been evacuated.
At Home Depot

Out of water at Costco.. woah! Good thing we stocked up early

No bread at Walmart
Telephone poles are already being broken. This is right outside our front door. Notice the lake forming as well?
The Hurricane isn't even expected for another three hours!

Last night I just spent my time cleaning so we didn't have dirty/molding dishes in the sink or on the counters if the electricity did go out. I pre-made meals that still tastes good cold so we don't need to reheat them,  vacuumed, caught up on laundry, filled up on gas, withdrew cash, put water in zip lock bags and froze them to keep freezer cold for longer (just in case), charged all electronics, etc. We also got a Mophie (iphone juice pank).. you know I can't go without my phone. But I was doing all of this while my husband got all of his survival stuff out like his camp stove, lantern, flash lights, glow sticks etc. Funny to see how the wife prepares and the husband prepares. Its nice in these times to have a survivalist as a husband. That is a fun hobby for him and he is just loving having something happen to put all that knowledge to action. He is just loving it.

A few funny stories:

Steve tried to have the awkward conversation with me on where we would do our "business" at if the electricity went out. He wanted to buy some buckets but I hadn't really though of it. About an hour later, as we went to fight the panicked crowd at Home Depot, we noticed a lady walk by with with two buckets in her hand and we just started laughing hard at our inside joke because as soon as we saw that, we knew what each other was thinking.

We went to Staples to look for radios as well and the storm was brewing so the seagulls were all out flying above and enjoying the cool weather. I didn't think much of it so I got in the car. When I took my bag off to set it on my lap in the car, I noticed some gooey stuff on it. I realized a bird went potty on my bag.. my expensive Coach hand bag. Thank goodness I have the most amazing Coach fabric cleaner. Didn't take any effort at all to clean it up once we got home. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to get it out. It was so gross.

Here is a video we did just to record our experience with our first Hurricane and so all you family and friends can see. We will do another as we are in the worst of the storm. Hurricane Sandy

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