Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I grew up in a Mormon home.. that is, my Grandparent's Mormon home. My Dad wasn't religious and my Mom wasn't in the picture. But yet I still went to church every Sunday at the LDS (Latter Day Saints) church with Grandma Beverly and Grandpa Dallas. I have very vivid early memories of the piano playing as everyone would shuffle in to the building. I remember always coloring while my grandparents listened to the preacher. I remember eventually being put in Bible study where I leaned a lot of basic things. I also remember when I once asked my Grandma "where is God?" and she replied "He is everywhere" and I took it way too literately. I was afraid to pull down my pants to go to the bathroom because in my mind there was an invisible man in the bathroom with me that I could not see. That is a funny memory.  I don't remember a Sunday when I didn't go to church before I was 9..maybe 10. As I got older, I noticed my Dad did not go to church with us and I sort of followed in his footsteps in no longer attending and spending the day hanging out at home with him instead, although I always knew there is a God and when I pray, I pray to Him.. so I can't say I lost my belief.
   As I got into my teen years, I went maybe 3 or 4 times back to the LDS church with friends for Sunday service and for fun get together like the Halloween party we had. I had a lot of fun there and always felt comfortable around the people. My grandparents gave me the Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon with my name engraved. I was too young to care enough to read them and to this day I have no idea where they are nor know the doctrines of the Mormon church. I wish I had more interest back then.

  I have recently become more curious with my Faith and beliefs. I think I really found God when my Father died and my new husband was just Deployed to Afghanistan, I soon after had to move in to motel and the troubles just kept coming. The Lord helped me so much and brought me a Pen Pal that I really connected with and helped me in finding myself again. I think it was a test as well but one thing is for sure, I am so much stronger.
 I have always had a relationship with the Lord but never put a religion with it because I know that I had not read the doctrines and I wasn't going to fool myself or anyone else. I wanted to start this awesome journey with the Lord the right way. I got my first Bible and it is very precious to me.. now that I am older, I think I can actually appreciate having my own Bible and so that's why I consider it my first Bible. I love my Bible. I am not too far in reading it but it does speak to me and I do find comfort in it. I may also read The Book of Mormon to see what it says and if it speaks to me as well. I feel a sort of nag to follow my Grandparent's Faith but I think its more important that I find what I feel is true to me.
Of course I had to get it in Purple, it's my favorite color.

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