Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The worst of this Hurricane hit through the night last night. I went to bed early since I was so tired but Steve stayed up for awhile and he said the wind was hitting the building real hard but besides that, it didn't get too much worse then it had been. Our electricity never went out, thank the Lord, but as I am watching The Weather Channel, there are folks that are not that lucky. I hope the East Coast shores will recover quickly. I obviously wasn't able to get a good video of the worst of the storm since it was pitch black out but here is one I made of a few more clips of the weather and how we are passing the time during the Hurricane as well as the aftermath around town that we got some videos and pictures of.

Here is a compilation of pictures (some you will see again as you scroll on down) and videos. It is Video 2 of our enounter with Hurricane Sandy. You can find the link to Video 1 on the previous post, Preparing for Sandy, or on our YouTube channel. To view Video 2, click here.

Entertaining the baby during the Hurricane

Yeah, we were prepared!

My camera all taped up ready to go out in the storm and capture the moment. I'm pretty sure I need to be a Meteorologist. I just loved doing this but always had a panic attack when a drop of water got on my new camera. I also discovered that iPhones still work when they are in zip lock bags. You can still interact with them. Thats what I had to do out there to keep my phone with me but not get it wet.

A few photos from surveying the damage at Battery Park in New Castle, DE.

What once was a pretty dock now just a bunch of floating boards



AFTER.. again
..and again. Here you can see a few lights in the water and in the back you can see what they are suppost to look like.

Pretty view of the bridge to New Jersey.

A sweet little squirrel eating a snack

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