Thursday, October 18, 2012

One day at school..

  I feel more comfortable talking about Faith and Bible interpretation with others that believe and wont make me feel dumb (even though I don't care what people think, but whats the point in talking with those that don't have an opinion?).. So I went to my Work Based Learning staff member to speak with her about what I have read so far. I know she is very religious and always taking about the Lord so I felt more comfortable going to her. Plus she asked me once what my faith and beliefs were and I just thought she would like to know that I have started reading the Bible for the first time. When I told her, her face just lit up and we talked about it for the next hour. She is super excited and we are both looking forward to talking more as I read more. She was going on and on about all these different fascinating things that happened in the Bible that I have no idea about (yet) and she is looking forward to discussing more, as am I.
  Her and I definitely clicked when we met and she has even said how sad she will be when I graduate because I guess she doesn't find friendship much with students like we did. She always says I am her mini-me.. only white (uhh wow, right?) I feel like we would be friends if we met outside of school as well. Its fun hanging out there for a couple hours of the day.

I also talk with my husband about the Bible  and he asked me "What did you think?" when I finished Genesis. How do I answer that?  If I say "I liked it", then it feels like I am giving a book review like it's a fiction. But I love reading it and its become a way to end my evenings before going to bed.

Anyways, after Work Based I went back to my normal class, I really did not feel like studying even though I only have Excel to complete and then I will be done and graduate.. I still can't find the motivation because it is really difficult. I do not like Excel at all. But since I did not feel like studying, I got out a book that I have been reading called Sister Wives, its from the family of the reality TLC show Sister Wives. Awesome family, I love watching it and the book goes even more in to their lives then the show. It is very interesting.
  When people noticed me reading it, it went from their heated debate of the presidential election to a religious debate. Having debates in there is an everyday thing. I try to block them out and concentrate but that's another reason I cant study well in that class, its so loud and I need to have a very quite place if I am going to get anything done.
  Another obstacle that I am having is everyone always asking for my help. I am constantly helping others when I should be working on my own certification. I need to just start saying "no"!

Hopefully next week is my last week at Job Corps. Crossing my fingers.

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