Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Job Corps Graduate

I FINALLY passed my Microsoft Office Excel 2010 certification. That was the last assignment, so what does that mean..? I am DONE! There were a lot of "Congratulations". I was so nervous and had to calm my breathing constantly. It was a pretty nerve wrecking day. After a pep talk from my husband and what seemed like the longest exam ever, I did a lot of running around to get my file completed and considered "graduated".

Today, I went in for half a day and I just hung out in the records department with my work based staff, ate Doritos, and did some filing. I am not going to school tomorrow since there is nothing for me to do. I am going in on Friday for my final last day to get my check and say good bye to everyone. I had my exiting interview today to see where I wanted to go in life now. They tried to focus on college but I have been a student for the last two years with Penn Foster Career School, Penn Foster College and then Job Corps.. I just don't want to have that sort of commitment for awhile. I just want to work, make money, save up for a car and other things that I want. You know, normal things 22 year old girls want. Enough with the learning. Guh! In a few years I will maybe think about finally getting that degree in whatever interests me at the time but right now, I am just getting a taste of freedom and not willing to give that up. Plus once we start having kids, I am going to be a full time homemaker (maybe open a home business) so I think I will just see what the professional business world has in store for me for while and see where life take me next.

Just had to share the good news!! Life is good. Celebrating this weekend with a fancy dinner with my wonderful supportive husband.

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