Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Goodbyes

In two days we leave Wilmington... we leave Delaware... we leave the East Coast. It has been so crazy that I have not had the time to blog about any of it. We made the really hard decision to sell everything and start over fresh once again when we buy our home. We literately are shipping 3-4 boxes and packing our car full and that's all we will own. We have sold our furniture on Craigslist, held a moving sale, and threw away everything else. Our apartment is empty! We just have our bed, Riley's pack and play, boxes, and a bit more stuff to be taken to the dumpster. Its so sad. This is the stuff we have collected over the years since we have been married.. and its going to the trash in hand fulls. We just could not afford to get a moving truck. We are driving across country from Delaware to Washington state with the two of us, two cats, a dog, and a two month old infant in a 2001 Honda civic.  This will be chaotic. I want to think it will be a fun road trip and adventure but I will be in constant worry to make sure the pets and Riley have everything they need and are comfortable.

These last few weeks have been busy but we have also had to say some really hard goodbyes. I really didn't expect to make long lasting relationships while in Delaware but life happened anyways. We got really involved in our church and our last Sunday was really hard for us. We have been in a Marriage life group and it was so great to have the teachers that we did. We could relate to them so much. They had a really rough start to their marriage and I feel like we did as well when we were Newlyweds and Steve had just come home from Deployment. It was nice to learn from a family who overcame those struggles as well as have the same values as we do. We believe in traditional gender roles and she was a Homemaker and home schooled her kids which is the same path I am taking. We even spent Easter dinner with them which is when I got to pick her brain about homeschooling and hearing her story. I will miss them so much. It feels like we will never find a church as close knit as that one.
*funny story of our Easter dinner at the Taylor's home. Riley has a big mess in his diaper to the point it was leaking out. Of course I had never though of having an extra onesie in my diaper bag. I thought he would have to go home with just a diaper on but Michelle had extra baby clothes she bought as gifts and never used (her kids are teenagers). What a life saver. Lesson learned, always have extra clothes.*

We also had our Centering Pregnancy reunion and got to see the other babies. We had food, a raffle, got pictures taken, ate more food, talked, laughed, and sadly said our goodbyes. Riley is such a big boy that the other babies looked so small compared to him. It was so nice to talk with the other moms and compare and learn from them. I was the only first time mom.
Look at that face! Puked in the car on the way to the reunion. Made a big mess for mommy to clean but felt so much better afterwards. and yep, I had an extra pair of clothes for him :)
Only my husband...

Just us girls minus one who couldn't make it to picture day :P

All the ladies and babies.

How cute are they???

Of all the goodbyes, moving away from my cousin Nicole will be the hardest. We live a block away and I really didn't get to spend the time I wanted with her while here. Life happened. We both had a baby, and other responsibilities so it is completely understandable. But I will sure miss her and all my little cousins.
Dinner at Hibatchi with my cousins!

Nicole and I after dinner

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