Monday, May 27, 2013

New Believer's Bible

Awhile ago, I was searching online for more information about the Bible to try and understand what I was reading as I was so new to the faith. I came across this online church called Although I was not a huge fan of the sermons I watched form there, they did have a free What's Next kit for those new to the faith. I went ahead and ordered it to maybe get a better understanding of everything since it was all new.
Anyways, I received it in the mail a few days ago and the book that came with it is called How to Find God, A new Believers Bible. Its a study bible that lays all the foundation at the beginning of the book. It has everything from who God is, who Jesus is, what the trinity is, whats Heaven, whats Hell, whats angels, whats demons.. etc. I am really enjoying it and is helping me understand hard questions I had such as if Jesus was God in the flesh, then why did he pray on the cross to God..if he was God... did he know he was God or did he just have the Holy spirit? Well, I am still at the beginning of the book and learning more each sentence I read.

I wanted to share this free book to those that are also new believers and reading through the Bible for the first time. It can get confusing and I am so thankful for this Book. I believe God knew I was having a hard time with understanding the Bible and gave me this book.

Get a copy for yourself for free here.

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