Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beans only, please!

Okay, so I have to tell you this story! I am cracking up just recalling it. I hope you don't get disgusted with gross details.
My husband and I like to indulge ourselves in fast food on paydays... but only on paydays. Its like a fun start to a day of grocery shopping and errands. Well, we decided to head to Taco Bell for lunch and you know me, I ordered a crunch wrap with beans only-no meat. I am a Pescatarian.
We sat down and I took a bite in to my food and instantly knew they put meat on it. I asked my husband to go get me some napkins to spit it out on. During the time he went to get them, I was using my tongue to get all the meat that jammed its way in to my teeth (yuk!) and since I was holding all this in my mouth, of course I was generating more saliva (not to mention, I have an overactive salivary gland).
By the time I got some napkins, my mouth was full and I tried my best to just spit it in the napkin but since I didn't make a bowl-like shape out of it, it sort of make its way to the napkin, down to the bottom of it, and dripped off in to the crunch wrap and wrapper on the tray.
Steve explains it like my mouth was liquifying because there was so much dripping saliva and soggy food off of the napkin and on to the tray. Of course, I did not know this, I thought it was all going in to the napkin. I was wondering why he was looking at me weird as I was spitting it out.
He took my crunch wrap to the front and asked them to make another one. They asked him if he had the wrapper for the crunch wrap and he actually told them his wife drooled all over it.
We were laughing and busting up the rest of the time there. Such a memory. I can only imagine what he witnessed as I thought all of it was going in to the napkin. Haha.

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