Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Losing puppy teeth

Gunyr is 22 weeks old! Can you believe it? He is almost 6 months old. I think I mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to do a video of all his new tricks he has leaned around 20 weeks but I just haven't gotten around to filming it. I will soon, promise. Lots of new things happening in the Cox family but I will talk about those in future posts.
I just can't believe he is growing up so quickly! Our first year together is half way over. If puppies can have Terrible Twos (at six months), he is so there! He barks, growls, groans, and whines until he has his way. If you tell him to lay down, he will give a big sigh and groan a bit and then pretty much falls to the ground in a big huff and puff fit. But if you have a goodie waiting for him after he does the trick, then he flies to the floor and drooling by the time he makes it back to the sitting position. His salivary glands are coming in nicely. He literally looks like he has shoe laces hanging from his mouth when he drools for goodies. Its funny to watch.

We have been finding little puppy teeth all around the house. Here is a photo of two that we kept. I think its the same tooth on both sides of his top teeth. He lost them days apart.
baby teeth!

22 weeks

Big-dog teeth are starting to come in

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