Friday, May 10, 2013

Clicker Training

At 15 weeks, we started clicker training Gunyr. He has really taken to it and we have made some good progress in his obedience. He now knows how to sit, lay down, back to sit from lay down, shake (his paw), come, stay until recalled, and fetch! We got one of the Chuck It fetch toys that make the ball go farther and he just loves it. We are now working on standing on command, catch (a treat), and of course, heel. There is a you-tuber that I follow that teaches how to do cool dog tricks like fetching a drink from the fridge, that Gunyr will be working on soon. The page is called tab289. Check him out. I will soon post a video of Gunyr's progress on our you tube, maybe around his 20 weeks so he has some time to practice more for the camera.
14 weeks (with his baby teeth still in)

15 weeks

16 weeks

big boy teeth coming in (16 weeks here)

A bit has happened since I blogged last. Tubbles had her yearly vet check up and vaccinations. I am worried about her weight gain. She is now 9 1/2 lbs. Her vet said she has had some significant weight gain since her last check up and gave me a recommendation for feedings. I still haven't started it because I am so scared of her being hungry. She has always been on free feedings; there's always food in the bowl. Now Bunker is getting a belly and I know I need to do something.

my sleepy boy. He is nine months old this month!

..and sleepy girl. She turns seven years old this month!

Got the carrier out for Bub to go to the vet and since Bunker has not yet had a yearly vet visit, he doesn't know he will soon hate carriers. Haha.

sun bathing

Play time! I love the look in Bub's face.

working while hanging with my wonderful husband.

Todays is actually a big day for my husband! He applied for a position in the company he works for about a month ago and has done about four interviews for it within that time. It would be a wonderful promotion for him and would almost double his salary. Today is that last interviews he has with the company righter-ups (without a better term for them). Hopefully he learns if he gets the promotion today but there are other candidates so who knows when we find out. If he doesn't get selected, he has decided to leave the company to join me in working from home but he will be doing it full time. Its near the same pay as the promotion he is working towards so either way, he will be moving on from what he is doing now. We prayed together before he left for work this morning and what happens next is all in God's hands.

Later that day: My husband called and he nailed his interviews! He got his promotion and is going to be the "Boss Man"! After a few weeks of training in Pennsylvania, he will be the boss! Wow, words go beyond how proud of him I am. He has only worked there a year and is going to be above those who trained him. He is such a hard working man, there is no better hands for this sort of responsibility to be in. I am just so proud of him, I am beaming!

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