Sunday, April 21, 2013

13 weeks in action

A few photos of Gunyr at 13 weeks at the dog park. He is full of energy and can now keep up with Stephen sprinting. He is learning to stand his own ground when bigger dogs wrestle with him but he still runs to us when he gets nervous.
This morning I needed to go return some things at the store and Stephen decided he wanted to come with. We had just gotten home from the dog park so we thought it would be okay to leave him home since he was fast asleep. About an hour later we came home to his work issued shoes with a ripped out and ripped up sole.. well his second work shoe. The first sole in this other work shoe was ripped up last week. So, now he has a pair of sole-less work shoes. Wonderful. We couldn't yell because he probably did it when he first woke up and he wouldn't know what we were yelling about. I just really wish we had a crate to put him in for when we leave. Very dumb to decide not to implement crate training.

Trying to recapture his stolen Frisbee

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