Saturday, April 13, 2013

Who tooted?

Crystal: [Talking to Bunker and Gunyr] Woah! I know one of you tooted, I can smell it.. whew!
Steve: [jokingly] Breath deep, babe. Figure out who did it.

Yep, that is a conversation that happened this morning. HA! Both Bunker and Gunyr toot when they get excited and sadly enough, we know who did it by the way it smells.. So thats why this conversation was so funny to us.

In three days, I started and finished the book Raising a dog named Scout.. I absolutely loved it and recommend it for all those who are starting this adventure of raising a pup because it makes all those happenings that make you want to rip your hair out and take him back to where you got him into something that is funny and its good to know that what your pup is doing and how he is acting is normal.
Another good book, that I have mentioned before, is A Dogs Purpose. Now that book is probably the best book I have read in years. It now has a second and last book called A Dogs Journey. Equally good.

At the very beginning of Raising a Dog Named Scout, it mentions how getting a new puppy makes you miss your old one. That is so true. Ever since Gunyr came in to our lives, I have been reminiscing with my husband about how Lucky would do this and Snobell used to do that.
Lucky and Snobell were my childhood dogs. They helped me learn patience and kindness towards animals. I learned how to train dogs with Lucky when I did 4H and got to work with a professional trainer. Such good memories. I missed them terribly when I left home at age 16 and got a little trailer with Steve. Steve can tell you how I cried myself to sleep with their picture in my hand. Thankfully, when my Dad and I got on better terms, I was able to see them often and was able to say goodbye to Lucky before my Dad had to put him down when he got sick and the vet said that was the only option. I don't have a digital photo of them and taking a photo of a photo would be tacky but hopefully soon I will remember to dig a photo of them out and scan it up on to here.

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