Monday, April 15, 2013

The best icebreaker

Gunny, Gunyr's nickname that we just randomly started calling him, is the best icebreaker. I talk to people on the street that I would not even notice otherwise. We always get stopped to ask his breed, age, and to give him lots of rubs.
Gunyr has done for me what I have not been able to do in a year; meet our neighbors. I just realized it really has been a year since we first moved here from Germany. Doesn't even seem like its been 6 months. But anyways, I take him for two longer walks a day and then small outings to go potty every hour or so. All of which there is always someone else out walking their dog or whatever they do.. we run in to many people. There are a few that I have gotten to know well by them always, without fail, coming up to me every time we are out at the same time. One is a sweet older lady who has just fallen in love with Gunyr. She has two big dogs and feeds a stray cat that, on occasion, greets me as well when I come out in the mornings. Another is a younger couple, like Steve and I, who just got a nine week old Golden. She is sooo small. Gunyr was also nine weeks old when we got him and he was not that small. Maybe its the Bernese Mountain Dog in him that makes him a large puppy.
Gunyr does not seem like a 12 week old pup. Yep, he is 12 weeks old. He is now large enough to stand on his hind legs and reach the table. He can jump up on to the couch if he gets a running start but still to small to do that to get on to the bed.
He now knows how to Sit, Stay, and Come. Heel has been a real challenge and it doesn't help that we got a retractable leash.. but it is easier on my patience and nerves to just let him explore and do what he wants on our walks. Yelling "HEEL" every 5 seconds isn't working... so we'll just explore for now until his attention span is more then a bag of rocks.

A few photos of Gunyr at 12 weeks :D

Such a happy puppy.

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