Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Kong!

One thing I would like to know.. how have we gotten through these last few weeks with this wild child without a Kong toy? We left Gunyr in our bedroom (since we don't have a crate or baby gate) to go grocery shopping. This is the second time he has been left alone since he has been ours. We left his toys and a bone thinking it will keep him occupied.. Wrong!
We came home to shredded puppy training pads. We were planning on taking him to Petco that evening anyways to some more Halo puppy food and we decided we need to get him the infamous Kong toy. You put Kong stuff'n (actual name of it), treats, whatever, in it. Takes him hours to try to lick inside it to get to the food. We got some Liver flavored stuff'n that comes in this cheese wiz bottle and comes out that way too.
We are really happy with it and he can't chew through the plasic of the Kong itself... and he is teething so he just loves to chew. I will be on the phone with a customer (since I work from home) and I will have to go offline after every call because he is chewing on something else, barking at his food or the cats, chewing the carpet, the cat tree, magazines, getting poo out of the litter box, or trying to dig in to his bed. Its so frustrating so I hope the Kong will occupy him while I am working and need silence and can't get up to correct his behavior. Sometimes I will be on a call and all I can do is watch him while he destroys the house or try to throw things at him to get him to look up but he usually goes right back to chewing on my shoes, cat toys or whatever he may have at the time.

So I wrote everything above earlier and woke up this morning to the dispenser top of the Kong Stuff'n can chewed off.. so much for using that to occupy him until we buy more. He won't pay attention to it unless there is a yummy treat to try and get at. AHHHH! [pulling my hair out] ... can I ever go back to work?

I really do keep things off the floor and out of reach! Bunker is also still a kitten and jumps up on everything knocking things down. That's how Gunyr get most of the things he chews on except for those items that stay on the floor... its like they are working together. Geesh!

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