Saturday, August 27, 2011

Everything is breaking

I swear, as soon as he leaves, whether it be for training or Deployment, something breaks! This time, its the lights and fuse box. I have NO lights in the front of the house.. no kitchen, dining room or living room lights. Also don't have any bedroom lights either. I can't turn on the TV or anything for that matter. the 110 plugs are all out and I can't figure out the fuse box to turn them back on. But all the European plugs still work so I can still use my computer since it is dual voltage. I could just call up Army housing and have them help but I will look stupid and its not their job.  Plus I should know how to do this.. but the fuse box is only half the problem, the bedroom, living room, and dining room lights really are all out and need to be replaced. I guess I will have to go see if the PX sells them today. Talk about frustrating! How does 7 lights go out in a week? I mean really?!
173rd ABCT Jump I also wanted to share this video of a 173rd soldier (Steve's brigade) during an Airborne jump. Steve has a few of these videos of him jumping that he recorded but its not as clear as this so I thought I would share. Its pretty neat to watch.

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