Sunday, August 21, 2011

Preparing for the Field

 Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

Whew, I am wore out! All weekend I have been helping Steve get prepared for the upcoming Field Training. Saturday I marked, numbered, and organized hand guns, rifles, and night goggles. Sunday I alphabetized the troop's hand receipts (the papers that says who got what gun) and put it in a big binder! I actually had a lot of fun though. Makes me miss working that much more.

Even though I did have fun, it never left my mind that Monday, they leave for two months to train and prepare for the next Deployment, and it turns out that Steve might just deploy with them.. They are trying to pull Stop Loss on him. Still waiting to hear back from his Commander if it will actually happen or not.
  During this field training, he will get two weeks to come home in the middle of it but still having to go to work every day and once he comes back after Field training is over, we will have less then 6 months left in the Army (if they decide not to deploy him). So we just have to get past this and then we will be on the home stretch to going back to beautiful America with a few more field trainings in between. I need to start thinking of ways to stay busy. Its going to be hard not having him come home every night.. But its nothing I haven't been through before. This is Army life. There will be more field trainings after this. This is just the start. Oh, the life of an Army wife.

Tubbles watching her Daddy getting ready to leave her again.

I got him a DSi as a gift.. He has been eyeballing it for awhile now and it will give him something to do on his down time.
Tubbles wrapped in the ribbons

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