Monday, August 8, 2011

A Dogs Purpose

I have been reading! I kept hearing about this great book called A Dog's Purpose. I have been reading it for about three days now and almost done with it. It sure is a page turner. It gives you a real inside look into a dogs mind and how they see things through their eyes! It is a must read. I can't seem to put the darn thing down and I am not much of a reader at all. Such a good book. Very interested to see how it ends.
  Last night I did manage to put it down for a few hours to go bowling with Army SGT Brian Moore (Steve's NCO-Non Commissioned Officer) and his wife Kerri. They are expecting their second baby to be born this week (It's a GIRL!) and I will be watching their toddler, Peyton, when the time comes. Can't wait to meet baby Baylor.
  While bowling, we all bet on McDonald's McFlurries. We played a few games and we all ended up winning  at one point so we all went to McDonalds after wards. Fun night!
  I know a few posts ago, I said that Steve started school with CTC, but for some reason he didn't get enrolled right. It has been such a mess... I don't know of he is going to be able to finish, or start for the matter, the classes he needs to be accepted in to the Nursing program at Penn State University. Guess we will all have to sit and wait to see how this all plays out.

Let me introduce to you my new camera! I dropped my Cannon and since then, it hasn't been acting the same. It is my first "rugged" camera, which means it is waterproof, shockproof, sand proof, and dust proof. It also has many settings including Panoramic and underwater... and GPS. Yes, I bought a camera with a GPS. I love it.
Fujifilm FinePix XP30.. all mine!
I love color so I was extra happy when I saw they had an assortment of colors to choose from.

I first learned about this camera from the Backpackers Magazine that Steve picked up from the Shoppette. Another really cool thing that was in the magazine was a 500 dollar gift card to RedStar WorldWear, a new brand that just came out with a line of fashionable sturdy Sport sunglasses and watches. We thought it was too good to be true so we went to the site and picked out two sunglasses each (this brand is not cheap) and Steve also picked out a good quality watch and all we had to pay was 100.00. What a great deal. They are in beginning stages of the Brand and all they want is feed back on the products.
  Someone stole Steve's Oakley sunglasses I got him for Christmas so this was prefect timing. It will be a few weeks until we get them in the mail.

As I am writing this, I got a call from my husband saying he is bringing Kerri and Brian's daughter, Peyton, over for me to watch and that Kerri was at the hair salon when she passed out and started seizing, and now is at the local German hospital. I am very worried about her. She could be getting induced today if the baby is in danger. The Baby is a different blood type so Kerri's body thinks it is an infection and trying to kill it. Kerri has had to get an Iron IV everyday for the last couple of weeks.  Praying she is okay and the baby is still strong and healthy.

OH, I almost forgot, I am learning to Sew! I made my first wallet about a week ago! I was pretty proud my myself! Pretty cute, right?

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