Monday, July 25, 2011

Lions, Tigers and ...Tubbles?! oh my.

Fun Animal Fact: Contrary to popular belief, Hyenas are closer to being apart of the Cat family then the Dog family.

Last night Tubbles and I decided to watch some National Geographic. We don't have Cable obviously since we are in Germany and German cable is all in German. So we rented a 10 disk set from the Post Library called National Geographic Complete Nature collection. I love Nature and when I saw the National Geographic COMPLETE Nature collection,. I had to rent it. Anyways, I got it and Tubbles just loved watching the big lions and lioness on the flat screen.
Tonight, I think we are going to watch the disk about Wolves. I think that might get her attention too. Her eyes were just glued to the TV.. Then again, it is a proven fact that animals really enjoy watching other animals, so I can see why she was so entertained..

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