Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day
What a fun day.  We had our friend Daniel Garza staying here for 4 nights but left this morning. He is PCSing to Fort Bragg in North Carolina and had to clear out of the barracks so we had him stay with us. He sure is excited to leave Germany, I can't wait until we are finally back in the States.
  We all went to Volksfest (a German festival) together on Independence day. I never really did like carnival rides that much but decided to give it a try.
  They had tons of rides, games, food stands, live music, and beer tents.

Steve trying to win me a flower.. Of course he didn't miss a shot, this is what he does for a living!

Wanna tango?

Our Snekys (German Icee-like drink)

Daniel Garza

Beer tent

The boys! Josh Tweet waving at me

Tubby wants a drink

I also put together a collage of videos from Volksfest! There is some pretty funny footage of Steve and Daniel being swung around on a few rides. The first ride shown on the video is one that I rode on too and scared the heck out of me. I thought I would fall off so I bear hugged the bars and got massive bruises from holding on so tight! It doesn't seem so bad from the video but they are letting small kids on this ride. There is no seat belt and if you let go of the bars, your going to be thrown around.. here, watch the video to see what I mean...  Click here

Beautiful fireworks
The opening and ending of every German festival,. they do a fire work show.. So, the Army post got together with the festival coordinators and had the firework show be our Independence day firework show also. They do it every year now for Independence day. There was a lot of fun activites going on at Kessler Field (football field on post) for Independence day but we decided to go to Volksfest instead and plus we had a perfect seat to watch the fireworks right from our balcony.

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