Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hiking in Kreuzberg

Village of Kreuzberg

We decided to go on a well needed Hiking trip to get away from all the electronics and get back in touch with our love for Nature. We filled our back packs with bottled water and snacks and headed to Kreuzberg Germany. It was really nice. We tried to find a certain trail that everyone keeps talking about that takes you to a Monastery but we didn't have any luck.

 When ever I tell people that we are stationed in Germany,  they always think about the Autobahn (no speed limit highway) so I took a few clips while we were driving on the autobahn and put them together into a video to show what it is really like to drive on the famous Autobahn. Click

After our Hiking trip we went to a pet store in downtown Schweinfurt called Zoo & CO.  We are trying to find a feline jungle gym for Tubbles but everything is so expensive.. Guess we will have to keep searching around.
For Dinner we ordered Chinese food from Mayflower and Stephen tried some Tofu for the first time.. and LOVED IT!!! I never thought I would see the day. I think I am starting to rub off on him. He took such a liking to it that he wants to only buy that from now on instead of red meats since he is the only one in the house that eats red meat.. I have never ate red meat.. I mean I have before but got very sick because my body doesn't know how to digest it. Growing up my Dad would try to make me eat it but I never took a liking to it and I get my protein other ways. Something about knowing an animal had to be killed and me eating its 'insides' just doesn't sit right with me.. plus I can NOT stand the taste of it. I do sometimes eat Chicken but I'm not a big fan of that either for the same reasons listed above.

I have mentioned Military Spouse Magazine before in this blog, Its my favorite magazine ( I have been getting it every month since I became an Army wife. Well, they have a Marine wife doing a weekly video blog of her life as her husband is deployed.. I have been watching it and last week, she taught everyone how to make Paracord 550 Bracelets (Survival Bracelets). Its really popular for the boys to wear them while in the field or deployed because they can just undo them and have Paracord ready to use for anything they may need it for. Paracord 550 is Military Issue cord that can be used for just about anything. Recently, Military wives have taken a liking to wearing them as well to show off Military pride and I finally know how to make them.. here is the first one I have ever made.. Steve absolutely loves it and was wearing it around all night. All the guys wear them and since you can get Paracord 550 in pretty much any color, you can make American flag colors or deployment colors, Army colors, AirForce ect.. It really is a great Military pride 'show-off' along with a survival item for the guys that you can just keep on you at all times.

Tubbles breaking it in for her Daddy

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