Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A German Summer

 It's finally SUMMER!!  My favorite season!
  The picture above is our balcony flowers finally blooming.. BEAUTIFUL! When I open the balcony door to let the air in during that day, the smell of flowers come in and I love it!
  One thing I don't understand about Germany and it's native people is why on Earth don't they use air conditioners?! It really is uncommon to have air conditioners here because Germans don't believe in it.. Everyone back in the States has one! You would think since this is Army family housing that they would have one installed in all the homes but they don't so we have been using fans which seems to do the job okay but it's still pretty hot on cloud-less days.
  Another thing about Summer in Germany is the Sun doesn't go down until past 11 at night and then comes back up around 4 in the morning.  Here is a photo I took last night of our street at 10 pm.. the Sun is still shinning its beam!

I just got back from my monthly FRG meeting and this was the last meeting that my FRG leader is going to be the leader. Her family is PCSing to Stuttgart Army Post, Germany. Our new FRG leader will be Captain Barnaby's wife. Captain Barnaby is the new commander that just took Havoc Troop over a few months ago that I attended the ceremony for (Change of command ceremony). His wife was planning on taking over the FRG anyways but since Kara Jacobs and her family is moving now anyways, this is the perfect time. She is still learning the ropes but next month she is taking over all on her own. I'm sure she will do great! I am sure going to miss our FRG leader, Kara, though. She is always so nice and will do anything for you. She helped me out so much while the boys were deployed and always made sure I was 'in the know'. Hopefully she will like their new duty station.
  I also found out that there is a couple month long field trainings coming up. The first one is in August. They don't get to come home at all during field training (not even on the weekends) and all they do is pretty much pretend they are deployed, train, and be prepared for anything. Seems like the boys just got home from deployment and they already have the next deployment date set.. But Steve won't be deploying again.. We get out of the Army a few months before the unit deploys.

Remember a few blog posts back where I was talking about my Clinical Parasitology class and how it freaked me out to the point I gave Tubby a bath?? Well, Steve went on a training field navigation mission for a day where he was out in the woods. He came home with a tick on him!! Then asked me to search the rest of his body for more... I didn't even want to sleep in the same bed as him.. I was so scared I would start feeling things crawl on me.  I didn't get much sleep after that, Haha!

This last week, Steve bought his first set of Golf clubs. He has taken a liking to Golfing and since he has a few friends in the Unit that golfs as well, he goes out with them every few weekends. Now he will have his own set and he is pretty proud of that.

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