Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bath time

I taught Steve Feline Restraint and put it to use. We used team work and gave Tubbles a bath. That was about an hour ago and she is still cleaning herself. Cats really are insulted that they think their owners don't think they can clean themselves on their own. I have only given Tubbles one bath before in her life and that was when she was a  few days old.
my wet baby

Forgave us with a meaty meal for dinner

  I am learning a lot in my Clinical Parasitology course (in my Veterinary Assistant program) and it has got me really paranoid about Lice, Fleas, and Ticks. So I decided to give her a bath.. I mean really, do you wants these things crawling around on you and infesting in your house...?


In Germany, we don't have many options when it comes to shopping of any sort unless we want to go outside the gate and into the German world. I have tried to shop at local German stores both for groceries and other household items. The only thing that I prefer German stores for is home decor. They have some really neat decorating stuff but for everything else, I can't pronounce it let alone know what it means if I did know how to pronounce it. So our Commissary and PX on post is where we get all of our stuff.  If we were stationed in the USA, we would have so many other options. We could go to Walmart or Costco.. I hate only having one option since they are always running out of things but this is what life is like being stationed overseas.
  Well. anyways.. I went to the Commissary to get some shampoo for Tubbles and all they sold was Hartz brand pet supplies. I CAN NOT stress this enough..NOT USE THIS BRAND! And if you do, look for open sores on your pet and breathing problems among other things. This is bad stuff. The Commissary went cheap on pet supplies and it's really too bad. Most families that live here have no other choice but to use this on their pet since this is all they sell and we don't really have other options for pet supplies.
  Visit People post their stories on what happened to their beloved pet when they used this product! Hartz has many lawsuits going on but still won't take their products off shelves. Their is also a few other brands that will also harm your pet. The best Flea, Tick, and Lice treatment for both dog and cat is FrontLine Plus. You can buy it online or at a Veterinary clinic. Its just drops, I used a shampoo (fourpaws) this one time and now starting these drops back up again. This stuff really works and as safe as can be. You really can't put a price on the health of a family member.

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