Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Joint checking

What do most married couples do? Do they have their own checking account or do they share and put both incomes in to one account?! I have always wondered this. Steve and I have joint checking but what do those people do that don't share.. Out of whose account do they pay for groceries with or who pays the internet bill?! Do people just pay half and half? Remember, I am talking about married couples here.. not just dating. I don't know why I am so interested in other peoples lives and how they do things but I am.. I guess you could say I am a 'people watcher'. But it is interesting to know how other people do things and how different they are to the way you do things in your own marriage.

Other then my curiosity on random subjects, things here in Europe have been pretty exciting! I am getting really close to being done with my Veterinary Assistant program.. I have about a little more then a month left until I receive my Career Diploma. At the moment I am learning about Veterinary Pharmacology and let me tell ya, I have always hated math and never really understood it but Penn Foster career School really knows how to teach and its actually coming very easily to me. Boy, do I sound like an advertisement or what?
  Steve is also working on getting in to college. He is just waiting on his approval for tuition assistance with GoArmyEd (where he gets assistance for his GI Bill) so he can start a few classes online while still in Germany and makes him look that much better for when he applies to colleges. He has been talking with a counselor from Penn State and they told him as long as he gets 3 online classes done by November (when applications are due) then he will have a VERY good change to get accepted in to that school.. He is really trying hard to get in to Penn State University. As soon as that tuition comes through, he can start those classes. We are just waiting for that and its sort of stressful since he has such a small amount of time to get it done.
  Whats funny is that the Scranton branch of Penn State (where Steve is focused on going to school at) is in Scranton Pennsylvania. My school (Penn Foster Career School) is also in Scranton! What a funny coincidence.

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