Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Office

Since I started college, I had to have a makeshift office to do my school work at, so we just set up a desk in the corner of the dining room until we got the spare bedroom cleaned to make it 'The Office'. Well, it is finally done after 7 months of living here.. the office is DONE!!! Its so nice to have a quite room instead of hearing Steve play video games and not being able to concentrate.When we move again in 10 months, I am not going to let the unpacking drag on for months like that.. NO WAY!!! Army wives are supposed to be able to unpack their house in 3 days (says other seasoned Army wives, wives have have moved many many times because of the Army). So my goal for our next move is to have the next house painted and unpacked in 2 weeks or less. Yes, I want to paint our next home since we will be there for about 4 years and I want to decorate it. I am so sick of looking at white walls. But if there is other things going on and I just can't paint the next house then I guess I will survive.
not much to look at but its nice to have somewhere quite to study

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