Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A merry Christmas to all...

Our first Christmas back in America. It was wonderful and it was Bunkers first Christmas. We opened presents before the sun even came up. I got Curious by Britney Spears perfume (one of my favorites), a Nexus 7 tablet (that I got to open early and love), a pink tablet case, comfy pink pajamas from my Mom (wearing them now, love them), and money. Steve got his Emergency food bucket, a Hickory Farms package with meats, cheese, crackers and this really good mustard spread (good find, Crystal, good find), a few gift cards as well as money from family also. The fur kids already have so many toys and play houses as it is that we didn't buy them anymore. Its taking over the apartment. So we just got them some of their favorite treats and wet foods.
My two wonderful gifts from my amazing husband. I remember standing by it at Staples and sighing, I wanted my tablet so bad. I am one lucky lady.

Playing in the wrapping

We had a great Christmas dinner as well as the kids but after pawing it around the floor first, of course. We watched A Christmas Story while eating. It had been such as long time since watching it. I remember watching it every Christmas as a kid and we just had to watch it because Steve had never seen it. The second one has just been made as well so I can see that in our near future.
One of the fur-kids plate.

Don't have a fireplace at home? Netflix has got you covered. No really, they do!

After that we were pretty full and tired. We called family and went to bed early. It was a great Christmas. The Lord had really blessed us and spending it together made it perfect.

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