Monday, December 10, 2012

We Adopted!

Meet Bunker. He is a four month old feline we rescued from Faithful Friends Animal Society. Tubbles has been moping around and we thought she needed a companion. After two years of deciding when the perfect time for us to adopt, we decided there is no perfect time and this is as good as any since I will be working from home.
It all started then we saw a cat we liked at Petco (the shelter had an adoption event going on there). She was really sweet so we filled out the adoption application they had there set up at the store and mailed it in. We had a first choice cat and second choice just in case one of them got adopted. About three days later we went to the shelter to get an update and they said they were just about to call us to tell us that they have both been adopted. So we went and looked at the cats they had in the shelter and decided on another then they informed us she had an application and pending adoption so we decided on her sister (they told us it was her sister).
They called our apartment complex and vet for references and once we were approved, I went and picked her up only to be notified that my she is a HE! We had the name picked out (Harmony) and everything.
The sex didn't matter to us, we just weren't expecting that. The kennel attendant thought we were talking about the sister then I was pointing to her brother.

We decided on the name Bunker for the Military significance. A Bunker is a place to stay safe from harm and we are giving this new being a place to live and be safe. So that is how my mind sort of came to that name.

When we got home from the shelter, I didn't think it would be a problem to let him out of the kennel and have him roam. I didn't even think to research the best way to introduce cats for the first time. He met Tubbles while she was in her play house and there was a lot of growling and hissing. After two days, there was no change and Tubbles growls and swats at us now too. She is not handling the change well. I decided to do my research finally on what to do and now Bunker is in the bedroom with his litter box, food and water while Tubbles adjusts to his smell. I did it completely wrong. I feel so bad for Tubbles. I hope this doesn't make lasting resentment for the new kitten.

This is definitely an experience and I had no idea what to expect. The last time I had a kitten was when Tubbles was a kitten. Bunker is so rambunctious and full of energy. I can be sewing and all of a sudden, he is on my shoulders and my head. He loves to pounce. He tried so hard to get Tubbles to play with him but maybe in a week, after we try it this way, he can come out and they can have a better meeting.

Look at that little milk mustache!

Here he is (on the right) when he first got dumped at the shelter. I took a snapshot from my Tablet so thats why there is all the other stuff in the photo.


  1. aww thank you, Becky. He is such a sweetie. He is getting so big, growing like a weed.