Monday, December 3, 2012

Horrible gifters

As bad as this sounds, this is the first year my husband has actually done my Christmas gift shopping himself. He has never had a gift for me under the tree until now. He realized this and really sat down and thought about it. He said he couldn't believe he had done that. I always have to buy myself the gifts that are "from him". Well, I may not have been talking about it all that much or at all but we have been on a journey to strengthen our marriage and be happier. It has been amazing. Its through Christ that we are learning what love truly means and as I am giving my life to the Lord, my eyes are opening for the first time.

But yes, he went and shopped for my gift and its just amazing how much thought he put in to it. He was so excited. He put them in boxes and those boxes in more boxes and wrapped them. I actually had no clue. Now, How did I know he did all this? Because we are horrible gifters and we opened them! Its only December 2nd and we opened them. Okay okay, just one each and even Tubbles got to open one too to make it fair. We are not going to break tradition completely and we are saving most gifts for Christmas morning.

He is a big survivalist and so I got him a emergency food bucket with a water purifier. He acted like a small kid when he opened that, just so happy. When it was my turn, He handed me two gift and said they go together. The first was a really cute pink kindle Fire holder of some sort. I thought for sure my next gift was going to be a kindle. I opened the next and it was a Nexus 7; an Android tablet. It was what I was hoping for. When ever we go to Staples or Best Buy, I am always by the tablets. I love love love it. So much better then a Kindle. Last but not least, Tubbles opened hers and she got her much loved cat grass.

My tablet. Already addicted to it. (via)

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