Monday, November 19, 2012

Turn for the worse

Tubbles has been on her antibiotics for over a week when I woke up one morning to her face really swollen.  I called her vet the moment they opened and they said it was probably an abscess tooth and that it needs to come out immediately. Of course we don't have the money to get her surgery so they told us that there was nothing they could do until surgery. Later that night, she wouldn't even get up at all or eat tuna water which is her favorite. Her vet wasn't open since it was late so I started calling the emergency vet hospitals to see what to do. They said it could be an onset infection and she needs to get in right away. They wouldn't negotiate any payment plans so once again, we had no options.
  The next morning, my cousin offered to help pay for her surgery and wanted to meet me at the emergency hospital. I called to make sure we could do it there but they said we would need a consultation and then after that, schedule a date for surgery. We had already had the consultation with her normal vet so we decided to just see of we could get her in to surgery first thing Monday morning now that we had a plan for the money.
It was Sunday and I was thinking of all the ways we could get money in time for Monday morning in case they could get her in. I took my new camera back to Costco to return it. That got us $300. I was considering pawning my bridal set (wedding ring) but Steve wouldn't let me unless it was our last resort and we still had the option of getting help from my cousin. I am not real sad about returning mt camera since Tubbles means everything to me.
Monday (today) I called on the top of the hour when they opened and they said there was no option to get her in today. The soonest is Wednesday. I made the schedule change, hung up and probably cried harder then I have been the last few days. It was just another blow.
Ever since she woke up swollen, she has not been eating on her own that much. We find ourselves forcing tuna water down her throat. She ran out of antibiotics last night, so this morning I also had to go to the vet and buy her some more since she needs it in her system before, during, and after the surgery. That brought us down to $250 to our name. I asked for another guess on how much the surgery will be and its now up to $400 since we know at least one tooth will be taken out. Steve gets his work pay check on Wednesday so that will help cover the extra $100. They also want to do a blood test to make sure her liver and what not can handle the anesthesia which is an extra $90.  It is just piling on. I don't know how we will do it but we are going to.
We decided not to pay our cell phone bill since that money had to go towards her first consultation visit and antibiotics. Now they have been shut off and we are using the Text Free app to call the vet through WiFi. It has been a blessing to still have a phone. But it has been rough. Times have been hard and now that we have to still wait for her surgery, its tough to handle but at least its not until December like her surgery was going to be. Just two more days. I have cried and prayed harder this last week then I ever have. I don't know how we went from living comfortably to deciding what bills to pay and what we can live without. This is why its so important to have an emergency fund, because of the unexpected. We know better now.
Tubbles' Medicines. I feel like all I do all day is shove stuff down her throat and ears.
Poor baby's swollen left cheek and eye.

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