Wednesday, November 21, 2012

After the surgery

We took her to the vet hospital this morning at 8am. They brought us in to an examination room where they took her temperature and her weight.  I kept my hands on her for her comfort. She started shaking real bad from fear. I nearly started crying but I held it in until we got to the car.
I knew she was already starving because she was not allowed to eat the night before and this morning she just sat near where her food and water bowls would be. Steve said she was doing the same thing last night after I went to bed. There was some kibbles on the floor and she tried to frantically eat them before I picked them up. I just wanted to feed her but Steve made me realize that a day of being hungry is better then being a few more weeks in pain.
All morning I kept looking at my iPhone waiting for the vet to call to let me know that surgery was done. I tried watching TV, tidying up the house, and doing anything to keep my mind off it. But I was just so worried. The vet finally called at 11:51am and told me that the surgery went good and that she is awake. They had to extract three teeth. Her two top K9s and one bottom K9 and that we can pick her up in three hours. The K9 teeth are the really long ones on the top and bottom. She will be eating wet food for the rest of the week and but after that, she can eat dry just fine since she eats with her back teeth.

We finished up our Thanksgiving feast shopping and picked her up right afterwards. She was awake and looked ready to go home. She was so happy to see us. She was a little wobbly but seemed okay. I gave her some well deserved and awaited dinner, antibiotics, and she cuddled into her play house and is still to this moment sleeping. They sent us home with some pain meds that I give twice a day so I will give her some before bed. I am just so glad to be done with the stress and have my baby healthy. She already looks a thousand times better.

The gave us the three teeth in a bottle. They were worse then I thought. Some of the root was completely eaten away by the bacteria. This will never happen to my baby again. She is starting her yearly cleanings and I am doing six month check ups instead of one year.

She can't have anymore food tonight but she will be back to normal tomorrow just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. We will make a plate just for her with some well ground-up Turkey from Steve's plate (since I am a vegetarian).

Hope everyone has a happy healthy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my wonderful Husband, my beautiful feline and our life together. I am also thankful for my Mom, cousins, brothers, and all of my family.

I cleaned off the blood to get a better look at the teeth. They were in pretty bad shape. The brown is where bacteria was eating it away and there are holes in some as well as parts eaten down to the core. No wonder she was in so much pain.

It is so important to get your pets teeth looked at once a year by a vet during their yearly checkups. This could have been avoided if I had better vets in the past. They never really paid any mind to her teeth. But, "you live you learn", as my dad would always say.

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