Friday, November 16, 2012

Cat Beds

I went through some unpacked boxes and finally found my sewing machine. Part of our bedroom has become our storage area since we are trying to fit a pretty large two bedroom home (from Germany) into this one bedroom smaller apartment. We still have quite a few boxes to go through. Another thing I found in the boxes was a bag of trash. The Army Housing Dept was not kidding when they said "the movers will pack EVERYTHING!"
But I did find my sewing machine. I love to sew although I am still learning. I have been practicing a lot since I got it set up again and I wanted to share my progress. Here is the bed I made for Tubbles. She loves it. After seven months of living in our new city, I just learned where Joann Fabrics was. How sad is that?

An ACU Dog Bone ornament I made for practice. I am selling it on Etsy. It not perfect but it was good practice.

I decided sewing is definitely something I want to do to take up as a business. But it will take money so until I take the plunge, I am just practicing and learning new techniques. I am looking for a part time job so I can work and slowly start my sewing business at the same time as well as being a homemaker. I think I have too many ambitions and trying to do it all at once has been pretty overwhelming.

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