Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Better Day

Today we woke to a whole new cat. She is up walking around, eating, cleaning herself, using the potty, and her face is nearly back to normal. The new antibiotic the vet prescribed her is doing wonders to her infection. I was really worried about it since, when we got it, it came with a little note on the receipt of the side effects and allergic reactions to watch for. Some were worse then what she needed the antibiotic for. None of that is happening and she is feeling much better.
Her surgery is tomorrow, first thing in the morning. She starts fasting at 4pm tonight and no water after midnight. This is finally happening after all the stress and struggles we have had to overcome.Thank you, Lord.

Napping with her Daddy. Had to zoom in with my iphone camera so the quality isn't great.

Baby's swollen cheek
I got my last Job Corps check yesterday and that is what is paying for the surgery and also got our phones back on. The check could not have come at a better time.We are longer in debt and so relieved.

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  1. I'm glad she's beginning to feel better Crystal!