Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When one door closes..

..Another one opens.

That is what has happened. You don't realize it but it happens all the time. Being a Homemaker while working from home is my dream. Even though my last attempt of working as a Contractor failed, I didn't quit trying altogether. I have finally been offered a position as a Contractor. I finished the paper work and now just need to do the back ground and credit check. I have to pay for it myself but I think of it as an investment. I get to set my own hours and have my own home office. DREAM. COME. TRUE.

I am excited to go shopping tomorrow to buy my headset and all the office supplies I will need. I will also need a land line and Comcast has a pretty great bundle to add to our Internet plan. Of course I am not going to open anything and make sure I have a 30 day money back guarantee for the land line so if for some reason I get denied on my credit check, I can return everything and the only money wasted would be the credit and back ground check. Gotta be smart because anything could happen.

I just wanted to share the exciting news. Its a dream come true. I pray the lord looks over me as I start this new endeavor. Its so new and I am excited to see where this brings me in my career goals.

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