Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eating out

In the afternoon, we invited the Ponders out to lunch! They live in the same building as us. We decided to go to the downtown mall, there is a restaurant called Tokyo! I never get sick of that place. How it works is everyone sits next to this rotating plate holder and it goes all the way through the restaurant and if you see something you want you take the plate before it gets away. Its either a euro a plate or 10 euro for all you can eat.
The Ponders have never been there but I think it was the first place Steve and I ever ate in Germany. I got to try my first sushi there also.
Inside the Mall
 That night, Steve and I went out to dinner with the Garcias and I had some of the best Italian food ever! We tried to go to a German restaurant but we were told "reservation only" so we decided on Italian. It was a pretty fancy restaurant so I enjoyed my whole seven bites. But I didn't mind. It was such a beautiful atmosphere!  After dinner we decided to go to the Irish Pub. I don't drink but it was really cool to see the atmosphere and all.
Stairs down to the Irish Pub

Steve and I

Alma and Franklin Garcia

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