Thursday, January 13, 2011

Helping a new family

When I first got to Germany, the Army didn't even know I was coming and didn't have housing set up for me, wouldn't give me a place to stay, and pretty much was telling me I wasn't authorized to be there. I thank God for Beth and Kyle. They came and picked me up from the airport and let me stay at their house, showed me around post, ect.. When I finally did get housing, Beth took to me the PX so I get all the house hold items I needed like laundry soap and all. Then took me to the Commissary so I can buy food.. They both helped me out so much!
   Well, Yesterday morning Steve told me that one of his friend's wife just came over to Germany. I knew her on Facebook so I offered to help them out just as Beth and Kyle did for us.
  So yesterday morning we picked them up, got them hooked up with ACS (Army Community Services) where they got loan Kitchen ware, got their mail box opened, took them to the PX so they can get everything they needed, then off to the Commissary (grocery store on post) we went!
  It started getting late so we all decided to take them to the Health clinic tomorrow [to get enrolled in DEERS and TriCare Europe], and finish up anything else!
  It was a lot of fun! They are a really nice couple!
  Another thing we are doing today is driving 2 1/2 hours to Frankfurt Airport. We are going to go pick up another one of Steve's friends from the Unit. He is just getting back from being on leave! Yep, leave is almost over and Steve goes back to work on Monday! Then back to my Housewife duties.
We didn't get to go travel and see castles like we wanted. The weather was just too bad! Now that it is almost time for work to start back up, the weather is a lot nicer. Of course it would be like that! Darn!

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