Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Memories PART 2

 Steve was deployed from 2009-2010 with the 173rd Airborne Combat Team as an Airborne Infantryman (11B1PAPA). Operation Enduring Freedom X. He was a Saw Gunner with C-Troop until he was injured and was put on Head Quarters Troop for the rest of Deployment.
C troop. Steve is on the bottom, second to the left.

On patrol

Steve with a few of his brothers in arms.

Joshua Tweet and Steve

Steve is top right holding his saw. Yep, I love my Saw Gunner.

Oh, how I missed that man.
 Life in Spokane
As said in Part one, I moved here after my father passed away and a few months after Stephen deployed to Afghanistan. I lived in a few motels, at my Moms house, and also had a small studio apartment at one time.
Tubbles sleeping in my Mom's boyfriends bean bag.
Waiting for Daddy to get on Skype

Had to send a Tuff box to Afghanistan, taped in a slide show of pictures for him.

Shelli and I. We met online through a Military wives page. She is a Airforce spouse at Fairchild AFB. She became a great friend of mine.

Tubbles with her boyfiend, a job-less, deadbeat stray. Yes, I fed him when he came over.

Dreaming of daddy

Tubbles had this bundle of joy on Superbowl Sunday at my Moms house.

Stephen had flowers sent to me for my 20th birthday and also bought me the Honda I have now!
well, more like said I could buy one since he was in Afghanistan at the time.

The card that was attached
My new Honda
The last thing my Dad ever gave me. Stays in my car at all times.
R&R Leave
 Stephen came home to me in Spokane for his two week Rest and Relaxation leave! It had been a whole year since we seen each other.. almost to the day because he came home just time for our 1 year of marriage anniversary!

Tubbles and Daddy seeing each other for the first time in a year

So nice to finally be in his arms

The Tattoo 
Got it done at Bullet Proof in Spokane about a month or two after R&R was over! 

In my happy place.. trying to not think of how much pain I was in.
All done!! My husbands name!

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