Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First FRG Meeting

When Steve first deployed, I became involved in the FRG. Steve got me involved and set up for email updates on the unit and such! I was able to email my FRG leader with any concerns and constantly know whats going on with my husband along with all the guys he fought next to. FRG stands for Family Readiness Group. Every unit has a FRG and the leader usually is the Commanders wife.
  Now that I am finally in Germany and living on post, I can attend the actual monthly meetings.  Yesterday was my first one. It was really exciting because being apart of the FRG is a major part of being a Military wife and its your life line to know whats going on with your spouse when they are deployed or in a field training.
  When we first came to the unit (1-91 CAV) we were in C Troop, I was involved with the C troop FRG and they really didn't do much! Steve was hurt in the middle of deployment, he tore a ligament in his leg and had shin splints in his knees, but when that happened, he was transferred to Havoc Troop (Headquarters) so he was no longer on the line (fighting outside the wire) so he could heal properly. When he was all healed up, they decided to just keep him in Headquarters for the rest of deployment. Steve wanted to be back with his guys but it really made me sleep better at night knowing he was safe.
  Havoc troop is a lot more involved and I really enjoy being apart of it. As of right now, we are planning a troop party at the bowling alley here on post, some potlucks, fundraisers and a few other things. Its nice to know that all the wives husbands there work next to my husband and we all share a bond. I get along with them great! They are such a nice group of gals. Ive talked to a few C troop wives when Steve was in C troop and they hated the FRG and told me some stories about it. Kinda discouraged me a little but no FRG is perfect. But I am very happy with mine.

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