Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 Memories PART 1

Before & Beginning of 2010

I started this blog right when I moved to Europe and Steve had just gotten home from Afghanistan and I never really mentioned anything of life before Germany! So here is a post dedicated to life in 2010-.. and a few before 2010! Ill try to keep it all in order! Their will be 4  parts in it since there was so much that happened!

Just Engaged 
We got engaged in 2006 but I thought I would add in our engagement photos!
Elopement Weekend!
June 2009
 Stephen went to Basic training for the US Army early 2009. After he graduated he was given orders to be stationed in Germany. He came home for 2 weeks before he was shipped off to Germany and in that two weeks we eloped! Here are a few photos of those two weeks together! We visited the town I grew up in, Peirce Idaho, went camping with his family, and then took a road trip to Spokane WA to visit my Mom then got back to Clarkston WA just in time for our wedding.

 Trip to Peirce
Welcome to Pierce Idaho

Walked around the forest next to the town. So pretty.

Everyone just hanging out

Him and I

Beautiful day yet he prefers to play his DS. Boys!

Right next to hells Canyon.
 Trip to Spokane WA
 also a few in Moscow ID (town we stopped at on our way to Spokane)

On the Skyride at River Front Park

Garth Edmund De Forest
 Celebration of Life

The Veltri family and I

Aunt Jill, Grandpa Ralph, and I

My brothers, grandpa, and I

My good friend Stephanie. She sat with me through the whole service.
Spreading his ashes in the Oregon Coast. He loved it there and always wanted to take me there.

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