Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another cooking disaster

Today is Steve's first day back to work! When he got back from Afghanistan, he had half days and they were pretty easy in his words. Then he went on a month leave and now he is back to full days! I sure enjoyed having him home! Now its time to start spending my days cleaning, shopping, well..pretty much everything a house wife does! But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.
Early every morning of the week days, Steve has to go do PT (Physical Training) with his troop to stay in shape. So, our routine is that he goes, I get up and start getting breakfast ready for him then he comes home, eats, takes a shower then off to work!  Well yesterday morning, He came home and decided he wanted to give me a break and he was going to make his own eggs.
  He heats up the pan and pours some oil in it and then comes sit down next to me on the couch! (at this point I did not know he had already started heating it up) so I start massaging his shoulders and trying to get him to relax since he just got done working out. I think 5 minutes passed, maybe less when the fire alarm went off. I looked towards the kitchen and I see shadows of yellow light flickering and black smoke pouring in to the dining room.
  I start panicking and Stephen runs in to the kitchen! I am behind him and all I see is a large flame almost touching the over stove lights and vent. Steve finally bends town and opens the seasoning door and pulls out a large can of salt, pours it on and the flames go out.
Steve then calls the fire department to tell them that everything is OK and their is no need to come out (when the fire alarm goes off, the fire department automatically gets called) then their was a knock at the door and the MPs (Military Police) were here, then came in the fire department. Guess the call to tell them everything was OK didn't matter-last time it went off, they are the ones who told us to call them if they didn't need to come out.
  We had to file a police report, which we never had to do for any of the other times we set the alarm off. Then all the MPs and Fire fighters were on their way. After they were gone, Steve looks at me and asks "will you make me some eggs?" It was so cute! Poor guy just can't cook! But that's why he has me I guess. After he left for work, I spent about a good hour cleaning and getting all the black off the walls and all. It still smells like fire in the kitchen.

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