Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Memories PART 4

After a year long deployment and a two years separation total, Steve was finally coming home to me in Germany and we could finally start a life together!
Deployment homecoming took place at the Conn Barracks gym on post!

My purse on the left and my new neighbor Liz's on the right

The troops marching in

Steve in formation

Finally in his arms

Welcome home sign on our balcony
The Homecoming video of the troops marching in- click here

Well That's it for 2010 Memories! It was a nice trip down memory lane! I hope you enjoyed! I love looking back at old photos and remembering great memories just like it happened yesterday! Even those memories that are not so great, they are still memories and make up who you are as a person!  2010 has came and gone and so excited to make new memories this year!

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