Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kitty play date

After the FRG meeting last night, Steve and I went over to Ashley and Cris Ponders house! They are also in a different unit but we know each other since we are neighbors. They invited us over for burritos and to meet their new addition to the family.. A beautiful male kitten named James. He is just the sweetest thing. He had a nice little snack off my plate when I wasn't looking. I also made my infamous chip dip and brought them a pan of that! They loved it!
  After dinner, we all went down the hall to our home and started up a game of Monopoly! Ashley also brought James down to meet Tubbles and maybe have a play date. Well James was all for a new cat to play with but Tubbles wasn't having any of it. She was growling and just throwing a fit that there was another cat here! Eventually we decided that play date was over and Ashley took him back to their house. Once Tubbles had her way and James was gone, she decided she was going to be the center of attention to our guests and flopped right own in the middle of the Monopoly was a really fun night.
Tubbles and James meeting
"I like boxes"

Stealing the spotlight

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