Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Taste of Germany

We have lived in Germany for a year now and we have never done any wine, cheese, honey (ect) tasting. How weird, right? The food is one of the big things about experiencing Germany and Europe along with the sights and the fashion.

The Christmas Market is here again. It is much larger then last year.

Homemade candles

German homemade Honey tasting

Gluwein (wine)

In the States, they call them Euros.. which is weird since Euro is European currency. A Doner consists of lettuce, onion, cabbage, ranch sauce, meat or veggie, and goat cheese. its so good!
 The next day, the Bazaar came to Schweinfurt. There we got to go wein (wine) tasting, bier (beer) and cheese tasting. I wish I discovered this amazing stuff sooner. 

all the yummy cheeses

spreads and crackers to be tasted.

German teas

Steve trying on some hats

trying some beer
It was all kind of expensive but we could not just leave empty handed. I am enjoying some cheese slices as I type this. Wish there was a way to buy this in the States.. the food is what I will miss the most.

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